masquerade lee byung heon poster
Lee Byeong-hun on the poster of “Masquerade.”

Lee Byeong-hun and Han Hyo-joo will be starring in the upcoming movie entitled “Gwanghae, the Man that Became King” with the working English title “Masquerade.”

Masquerade is a fictional sageuk movie that retells the story of “The Prince and the Pauper.” As we have reported, Joo Ji-Hoon will also come out in a movie with the same plot. This one, however, gives a more dramatic approach to the story.

In the movie, Lee Byeong-hun will play two characters – the king and the commoner who would replace him as the king. The King of eight years, Gwanghae is in a danger of being poisoned so he placed Ha-sun in the throne to play him. It is a 15-day story that has been kept hidden from history.

Han Hyo-joo

Han Hyo-Joo will be playing the queen that lost her smile in the midst of the palace walls. Despite all the threats that the queen and her family receives, she remains a strong and unwavering figure. The queen is getting deeply worried of her husband who is gradually losing control of himself. One day Gwanghae’s actions suddenly changes, and she finds herself slowly regaining her smile once again.

Just after doing the sageuk drama “Dong-yi,” Han Hyo-Joo has once again chosen a sageuk role to take in “Masquerade.” Showing a noble and elegant appearance for the movie, she perfectly pulls off the role of the queen.

“Masquerade” is said to screen on this coming Chuseok.

Trailer with English Subs for the Movie:

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