Cyrus gets a call from his mom who tells him to go to her place. He brings KSS and Amber with him and leaves the two outside while he goes in to talk to his mom. Amber tells KSS that she and Cyrus are a good match.

Cyrus is shocked to see Hannah inside. Apparently, it was his mom who invited Hannah over so they could talk. However, Cyrus still refuses to talk to her and tries to leave. He introduces KSS to Hannah as his new girlfriend. Hannah recognizes KSS as the one whom she accidentally ran over the other day.

At school, Eliza invites Kokoy to join her but Aaron tells her not to hang out with Kokoy anymore. Eliza’s friend and Kokoy talk about how they feel betrayed by Eliza.

Cyrus takes KSS home. He apologizes to her for always dragging her to his own problems. He tells KSS that he wants to leave all his troubles and asks KSS where she wants to go if given a chance. KSS tells him that it’s her dream to go to France someday. The two talk about Hannah. Cyrus tells KSS that he wants nothing to do with Hannah anymore. KSS is pleased.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’s mom consoles Hannah. She tells her not to worry about KSS.

When KSS gets home, she sees her mom cuddling a mannequin her friend gave her. KSS plays a prank on her and pretends she’s upset.

At the restaurant the next day, KSS gets another one of her crazy daydreams. She imagines Cyrus proposing to her complete with roses and a ring with a huge rock but Hannah gets in the picture and tries to snatch the ring away.

Kokoy brushes with Aaron at the library. He warns Aaron not to hurt Eliza.

Chef Dina finds KSS who’s still daydreaming. She notices that KSS seems to be happy over something.

At the market, Sonia returns the mannequin to her friend. She sees Dodong and tells him she’s not interested in him.

Cyrus calls for KSS in his office and hands her a gift. She opens the box and sees two plane tickets to France plus an admission slip to a school. KSS is moved but wonders why there are two plane tickets. Cyrus tells her that he wants to leave with her after all his problems are settled.

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