Aaron bad-mouths Kokoy to Eliza.

Meanwhile, Sonia is shocked to see the mannequin again. Dodong visits and gives her a rose.

At the restaurant, Hannah pays a visit to KSS and invite her to talk. She tells KSS that she came back for Cyrus. She warns KSS to back off because Cyrus won’t replace her with someone like KSS. KSS imagines punching her but struggles to keep her composure while Hannah insults her. Finally, Hannah leaves after throwing a drink at her.

Eliza confronts Kokoy and slaps him in the face. She tells him to forget about their friendship.

Back at the restaurant the next day, KSS is late for work and is in a foul mood. She tells the staff not to call her Hannah anymore but by her real name Kim Sam Soon. While baking, she fills in Chef Dina with how her conversation with Hannah went.

While the two are talking, Cyrus arrives. Chef Dina tries tells him what Hannah did to KSS making Cyrus pissed. He tries to call Hannah.

Kokoy stands up to Aaron and the two have a fistfight.

Hannah arrives at the restaurant. Cyrus asks everyone to leave except for KSS. Hannah wants to talk but Cyrus still refuses so she gives him a kiss in front of KSS. The kiss seems to linger so KSS breaks them apart. Hannah wonders whether Cyrus has really gotten over her. Cyrus walks out.

KSS asks Cyrus whether he still has feelings for his ex. Cyrus describes how devastated he was when Hannah left him. They were talking about climbing a mountain together but were not able to do so because she left. When he finally felt better, he climbed the mountain himself. Cyrus shows the photo to KSS.

Meantime, Hannah reports to Cyrus’s mom who tells her not to worry because she thinking of a plan for Hannah to get Cyrus back.

Chef Dina notices that something seems to be bothering KSS. Cyrus’s best friend Chris pays a visit to the restaurant and meets KSS. Chris tells Cyrus how surprised he was when he saw KSS since he was expecting someone better looking. Cyrus reminds him that their relationship is fake and based on a contract. KSS overhears all of this and feels hurt once more.

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