Hannah approaches KSS and insults her. KSS imagines cutting off her tongue. Hannah and Cyrus leave while KSS and Harvey split the bill.

Sonia is still distraught over Eliza. She gets a hug from Dodong. KSS catches them in an awkward moment so Dodong pretends that he’s gay.

Meanwhile, Maureen’s husband and mother-in-law leave her alone in the house to go abroad. Eliza seizes the opportunity and asks Maureen if she could stay with her for awhile. She tells Maureen that she ran away from home because her mom found out about her fraud. Maureen agrees to let Eliza stay with her.

Cyrus is in a foul mood, shouting at a driver who’s car is parked in front of his. Hannah notices this and wonders whether he’s pissed because he’s being jealous over KSS’s date. She then pretends to be sick to get his attention. Cyrus denies he has feelings for KSS.

KSS finds out that Eliza is at Maureen’s. She tells Sonia about it and they agree to let her stay there for awhile. Sonia notices that KSS seems to be distracted. KSS reveals that she and Cyrus have broken up because he’s back with Hannah. Sonia consoles her daughter.

Cyrus thinks about KSS and Harvey getting back together. Chris invites him for a drink and Cyrus asks him to investigate something.

The next day, KSS looks for work. Cyrus sees her and takes her with him.

In school, Eliza bullies another student. Her rich friends join her and seem to be at awe after seeing Eliza’s classy outfit, which she apparently borrowed from Maureen. Meanwhile, Des takes Kokoy to school and gets all flirty with him.

Cyrus takes KSS to see Harvey and Cherry who are getting their fitting for their upcoming wedding. Harvey approaches them and gets a punch from Cyrus. The guys throw fists at each other.

Cyrus tells Harvey not to play around with KSS and leaves. Cherry thinks something is going on and nags at Harvey.

KSS asks Cyrus why he’s so mad at Harvey so he tells her that Chris found out that Harvey is still still getting married to Cherry. KSS wonders if he’s just being jealous and she notices Cyrus’s bruised lip.

KSS treats Cyrus’s lip and asks him why he’s so worried about her and Harvey. Cyrus tells her that she can’t be with any one else but him and kisses her.

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