Cyrus’s mom is shocked to see KSS. She scolds Cyrus for choosing someone like KSS to be his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, KSS’s mom and her sister are worried because she hasn’t come home yet. They call her friend Maureen who tells them that KSS went on a date.

Cyrus tells KSS that she shouldn’t be mad at him anymore after what he did for her. KSS tells him that she’s still determined to resign unless he gives her a salary increase. Cyrus agrees to give her a raise.

Cyrus is confronted by his mom and tells him about the wedding plans with Nicole.

Meantime, KSS’s mom lashes out on her for not coming home. KSS explains that she slept in a friend’s house.

At the restaurant, Cynthia offers Cyrus some breakfast. She tells him that KSS hasn’t arrived yet. She’s shocked to hear Cyrus saying KSS will be coming in late.

Before leaving for work, KSS’s mom asks her if she has money. She tells her that she has ten thousand pesos kept in the bank.

When KSS arrives at the restaurant, Cynthia berates her for being late. Cyrus approaches them and asks KSS if she misses him already. He hands over KSS’s earrings she left in his house earlier. Everyone is shocked to learn that KSS spent the night at their boss’s home. KSS tries to explain what really happened the previous night, but her co-workers are scandalized when she tells them that the earrings might have dropped when Cyrus undressed her. Cynthia is enraged.

To welcome KSS, the restaurant staff holds a party for her. They ask KSS to perform for them. At first she hesitates and imagines performing a seductive dance in front of Cyrus. She then performs an actual song and dance number to the horror of her colleagues.

At home KSS’s mom is being pressured by Brenda to produce the one million pesos they owe.

After the party, Cyrus asks KSS to come to his office. He inquires about KSS’s ex-boyfriend Harvey and her blind date Vincent. KSS wonders about Cyrus’s sudden interest in her personal life. Cyrus asks her if she likes him, which leaves her dumbfounded. She tells him that she’s not interested in dating him. Cyrus tells KSS that he wants her to be his girlfriend.

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