Sonia tells her friend that she’s decided to be Dodong’s girlfriend.

Eliza comes home and sees Chef Dina and KSS getting drunk.

Meantime, realizing he’s still in love with Eliza, Kokoy runs off to see her.

Hannah calls up Cyrus’s mom to tell her about Cyrus’s decision to marry her.

At the marketplace, Dodong wants to talk to Sonia. She thinks it’s about their relationship but turns out Dodong just wanted to borrow money from her. She lends him P2,000. Sonia’s friend tells her that Dodong is really just after her money.

Cyrus goes to see KSS for the last time. He tells her that he’s decided to follow what KSS wants and marry Hannah. They hope for each other’s happiness and say their teary goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Henry asks Hannah why she never told him she’s pregnant. He’s mad because he thinks he may be the father of Hannah’s child. Hannah denies this and tells him that Cyrus is the father and that they’re getting married. She tells Henry to leave her alone.

Sonia is devastated when she finds out that Dodong has left for the province and that he probably won’t come back.

At the restaurant, Chef Dina learns that Cyrus is getting married to Hannah. He tells her that he has already talked to KSS about his decision.

Hannah’s friend prods her to tell the truth about her child. Hannah admits that Henry is the real father.

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