“#Alive” has been topping the Netflix chart in the Philippines, and here’s our review of the latest Korean zombie hit.

The Plot

The film stars Yoo Ah-in as Oh Joon-woo, a gamer who struggles to stay alive after a zombie outbreak. Park Shin-hye is Kim Yoo-bin, a tenant who lives across Oh Joon-woo. 

The movie goes straight to the point as it shows how tenants in a compound are attacked by zombies. Oh Joon-woo is alone in his house while his family is out. He sees what’s happening outside and he locks himself up. He tries to get through with scarce food and water after receiving a message from his family telling him to survive. However, days have passed and still there’s no rescue in sight. As Oh Joon-woo contemplates on taking his own life, he meets Kim Yoo-bin. The two come up with a plan to survive.

Surviving an Outbreak

Just like other zombie outbreak films or TV series, it’s all about the thrill of the chase. “#Alive” delivers in that aspect, with the two leads barely escaping the undead. 

Yoo Ah-in gives a believable performance of a young man challenged physically and psychologically by his self-imposed lockdown. In the presence of an outbreak, the mental challenges sometimes outweigh the physical ones. Most of us have experienced this during this time of pandemic.

Zombie Apocalypse in the Age of Social Media

If you’re someone who believes that a zombie apocalypse is in the horizon, “#Alive” is like an instructional video on how to survive. Technology and resourcefulness might just be the key to stay alive. 

Just like food and water, communication is as important in a zombie attack. In the film, survivors had to tag themselves “alive” on social media as they await rescue. In Oh Joon-woo’s case, his game streaming channel helped him to connect with the rest of the world and kept him sane during his ordeal.

Just Another Zombie Movie

However thrilling this movie is, “#Alive” pales in comparison to its Korean zombie film predecessor “Train To Busan” or the zombie slash period drama “Kingdom.” There is no explanation whatsoever of how the infection started, which leaves us to think that the writers might be setting up a sequel.

If you’re a fan of this horror genre, you might find #Alive a rehash of sorts. It might even remind you of the Filipino zombie film “Block Z,” especially towards the end as the two leads battle it out with the undead.

Our honest review is that while “#Alive” is an enjoyable watch, that is all there is to it. We’re not mad though as it offers a thrilling distraction from the anxiety during this pandemic.

“#Alive” is now streaming on Netflix.

Myla Torres-Eder

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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