“All of Us Are Dead,” a hit coming-of-age zombie apocalypse series, is the most-searched Korean television show on Google this year.

The eighth most-searched television show on Google worldwide in 2022, “All of Us Are Dead” is also the only Korean series on the top 10 list.

In the Philippines, “All of Us Are Dead” is the most-searched title this year in two categories: TV Shows or Series and Korean Series. It also ranked fifth in Google Philippines’ Overall Top Trending Searches for 2022. 

According to Google’s “Year in Search 2022” website, “All of Us Are Dead” is also the top trending TV show for the year in Singapore and Malaysia. Meanwhile, it is the fourth most-searched drama in South Korea and the tenth in Indonesia.

This zombie drama is also Netflix’s most popular non-English TV show in 2022.

“All of Us Are Dead” follows a group of students fighting for their lives after a zombie outbreak in their high school. It stars Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, and Lomon

After it premiered, “All of Us Are Dead” shot straight into Netflix’s top 10 most watched non-English TV series in 91 countries, and stayed there for two consecutive weeks. It also drew 361.02 million viewing hours in its first 10 days.

In June, Netflix announced that “All of Us Are Dead” will return for another season.

‘All of Us Are Dead’: Google Top K-drama in PH

K-dramas dominated Google Philippines’ top searches in the TV Shows or Series category this year. Seven out of 10 titles were Korean shows:

  1. “All of Us Are Dead”
  2. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”
  3. “Business Proposal”
  4. “Alchemy of Souls”
  5. “Euphoria”
  6. “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”
  7. “Big Mouth”
  8. “Manifest”
  9. “Our Beloved Summer”
  10. “The Summer I Turned Pretty”

On that list, only “Euphoria,” “Manifest,” and “The Summer I Turned Pretty” are not Korean dramas.

This year, Korean shows again had their own category in the Philippines’ top searches. Here are the top 10 shows in the Korean Series category:

  1. “All of Us Are Dead”
  2. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”
  3. “Business Proposal”
  4. “Alchemy of Souls”
  5. “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”
  6. “Big Mouth”
  7. “Our Beloved Summer”
  8. “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”
  9. “Sh**ting Stars”
  10. “Happiness”

“All of Us Are Dead” actor Park Solomon ranked third in Google Philippines’ most-searched male personalities. On the other hand, “Business Proposal” actor Ahn Hyo-seop was seventh. They joined mostly American celebrities and athletes on the list.

In the Losses category of Google’s top searches in the Philippines, “Snowdrop” actress Kim Min-soo, who passed away in January 5, ranked eight. Another Korean actress, Yoo Ju-eun, who died in August 29, was ninth on the list.

Sources: Google, PEP.ph

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