“Big Mouth” ended with a jam-packed finale and now some of us are left wondering if a season 2 is possible in the future. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this Lee Jong-suk starrer. No major spoilers included.

Lee Jong-suk’s return to K-drama land

Lee Jong-suk is one of those actors who values variety in his projects. His official return to the small screen definitely did not disappoint with its intriguing plot.

“Big Mouth” follows the story of Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk), an incompetent lawyer who is falsely accused of being a big-time swindler named “Big Mouse.” Later on he uncovers the connection between “Big Mouse” and a corrupt organization called the “NR Forum.”

If you’re used to seeing Lee Jong-suk all spiffy and groomed, get ready to see him getting bruised and battered. He recovers towards the end of the series where we see him suited up as he goes head-to-head against the enemy.

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This may be Lee Jong-suk’s most challenging role yet as he transforms into a confident leader by the end of the series.

Im Yoon-ah as the ideal wife

We always love a strong female character and Im Yoon-ah as Ko Mi-ho is the perfect companion to Park Chang-ho. She is smart, courageous, and determined to prove his husband’s innocence. 

Her efforts to expose an anomaly may have gotten her into trouble but she was the most important key that brought down the enemy. She can definitely say with confidence that she transformed Park Chang-ho into who he is now.

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Allies to foes, foes to allies

“Big Mouth” kept the excitement all throughout with the ever-shifting character alliances and motives. After confusing us about the real identity of “Big Mouse,” we were later on introduced to his allies. 

Meanwhile, we also see surprising developments in other characters. Kim Joo-hun gave a masterful performance as the cunning Mayor Choi Do-ha. His shifting expressions will give you the chills. Choi Do-ha proved that a devil disguised in a suit is infinitely more lethal.

Is ‘Big Mouth’ Season 2 Possible?

The final episode gave closure to the major plot line, specifically the corruption and anomalies involving the NR Forum. Now that Big Mouse has made the enemies pay for their wrongdoings, will there be more storylines for a possible “Big Mouth” Season 2? We say yes. Big Mouse now has to deal with the internal politics inside the organization. It would also be nice to see how Park Chang-ho will move on with his life. 

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While we loved how chock-full of excitement the final episode was, we can’t help but be sad about that ending! But whether you loved or hated the ending, you can’t deny that “Big Mouth” is one of the more exciting K-dramas this year. Its never-ending plot twists kept us guessing until the end.

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