Binjin’s Smart CF (Smart Communications YouTube)

Korean superstars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, collectively known to fans as Binjin, bring out the ‘kilig’ in a new Smart Communications commercial. The reel-to-real life lovers are back together onscreen after the huge success of their 2019 drama “Crash Landing On You.” It’s truly a happy Valentine’s day for Binjin fans who have been clamoring for another project for this lovely couple.

Binjin is ‘Inevitable’ in Smart Commercial

The newest Binjin commercial for Smart picked off from the last commercial, which featured Son Ye-jin riding a motorcycle. Hyun Bin who’s riding a car chases her. He looks for her, reminiscent of a memorable scene on “Crash Landing On You” when Yoon Se-ri got lost in a marketplace in North Korea. The ad also shows some scenes from CLOY in the background. Son Ye-jin appears in front of Hyun Bin and Binjin is happily reunited!

Hyun Bin: Do you believe this is possible?

Son Ye-jin: I do.

Hyun Bin: How do you know?

Binjin: Simple. Smart ako.

The commercial features popular band Ben & Ben’s original song “Inevitable,” which aptly expresses the reunion project of these two Hallyu superstars.

The Chase has Come to an End

Last June, Hyun Bin was introduced first as a brand ambassador for Smart. The real life Captain Ri was shown riding a sports car and zooming past the city streets. He then ends with the tagline, “Simple. Smart Ako.”

Just two months after, Son Ye-jin became the face of the postpaid brand Smart Signature. The Hallyu star was shown in the commercial speeding on a motorcycle. A black car pulls up to her, referencing to the car Hyun Bin was driving. Fans anticipated a joint commercial for the two, and we finally get to see Binjin reunited for Smart.

The Binjin Magic

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin surprised their fans after admitting their relationship last month. This was after Dispatch Korea revealed photos of the two going on their golf dates. Binjin fans have shipped the two after seeing their chemistry in the widely popular drama “Crash Landing on You.” It was revealed that the two became closer after the drama and eventually turned from reel to real life lovers. Happy Valentine’s day, Binjin!

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