“D.P.” is the latest Netflix Original that has gotten a lot of buzz for its controversial theme. The drama, starring Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, and Kim Sung-kyun, tells the story of a unit in the Korean military police that goes after “deserters.” With just six full-packed episodes, here’s why we think “D.P.” deserves a second season.

Jung Hae-in and Koo Kyo-hwan Are the Perfect Partners

Jung Hae-in plays the role of Private Ahn Joon-ho who has a wounded past mainly due to his abusive father. As all Korean males must do, Joon-ho enters the military service. There he quickly becomes acquainted with the bullying and violence that has become prevalent in their unit.

Meanwhile, Koo Kyo-hwan plays Corporal Han Ho-yul, a member of the D.P., a team in the military police assigned to catch military deserters. Together Ahn Joon-ho and Han Ho-yul go on their missions under the orders of Sergeant First Class Park Bum-gu played by Kim Sung-kyun.

Despite being total opposites, Ahn Joon-ho and Han Ho-yul develop a good working rapport and even a friendship between them. Koo Kyo-hwan’s performance as the quirky Han Ho-yul is a welcome reprieve to the heavy theme. Jung Hae-in also gives an excellent performance as his character navigates through guilt, anger, and defiance against the system.

‘D.P.’: Netflix Original Tackles Cycle of Violence and Toxic Masculinity

We’ve all probably heard reports about the abuses in South Korea’s military ranging from beatings to sexual abuses and other forms of bullying. “D.P.” certainly doesn’t shy away from this topic as the Netflix Original involves some shocking scenes.

“D.P.” pushes the agenda that the cycle of violence in the military exists because it is allowed to prevail. No one is severely punished. The system is unlikely to change because of this and the cycle merely continues. 

In the end, Ahn Joon-ho walks against the direction of his officer, symbolic of his drive to defy the system. It would be interesting to know what will happen to him next if “D.P.” gets another season.

All six episodes of “D.P.” are now up on Netflix.

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