Gong Yoo, Park Hee-Soon, Jo Seong-Ha, Yoo Da-In

The movie Suspect will star Gong Yoo, Park Hee-Soon, Jo Seong-Ha, Yoo Da-In and will start start filming soon.

Suspect is about a former North Korean special forces mercenary that has been abandoned by his country and is living in South Korea while working as a chauffeur. He is then framed for the murder of the president of a large company and pursues the real murderer to clear his name.

Gong Yoo will be playing the highly skilled former North Korean special forces mercenary namely, Ji Dong-Cheol. Gong Yoo said “I worked hard in order to make the action scenes look like actual North Korean murder shooting. With my existing image and I would also show another strong masculine image in the movie.”

Park Hee-Soon would be playing Colonel Min Se-Hoon, drill instructor in the Air Force Special force CCT as well as an anti-Spy officer. With his unique charisma Park Hee-Soon is expected to show a professional Colonel Min in Suspect.

Jo Seong-Ha will be playing Kim Seok-Ho of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Although Kim Seok-Ho is collaborating with Colonel Min in tracking down Ji Dong-Cheol, He is also a key figure involved in the murder.

And lastly, Yoo Da-In would be playing a hot blooded police officer that is persistent in finding out the truth.

Suspect would be directed by Won Shi-Yeon, the director of the movies Seven days, A bloody Aria. Suspect is expected to start filming this coming fall.

Source: mydaily, tvdaily

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