* “Honey and Clover” is a drama adaptation of the Japanese manga “Hachimitsu to Kuroba. It was first aired in FujiTV from January to March 2008.

It’s spring time and cherry blossoms are all over Hamadayama Art University where we meet Takemoto Yuta, a third year architecture major.

Takemoto sees Hanamoto Hagumi picking up cherry blossoms beside the pond. Hagumi is a freshman student who went to Tokyo to study oil painting. Takemoto is taken by Hagumi although he fails to speak to her. Before leaving, Takemoto loses a button from his sweatshirt.

Takemoto Yuta
Toma Ikuta as Takemoto Yuta
Hanamoto Hagumi
Narumi Riko as Hanamoto Hagumi

Takemoto’s friends, Morita Shinobu from the Sculpture Department and Mayama Takumi from Architecture Department drag him to get a taste of the legendary Sangaku curry. The curry is prepared by the Sangaku club members and is served only to freshmen students. His friends think Takemoto could pass off as a new student but he gets caught.

Refusing to give up, Takemoto, Morita and Mayama sneak inside Sangaku Club’s headquarters to get some curry only to be discovered by their other friend Yamada Ayumi from the Pottery Department.

The four friends are introduced to Hanamoto Hagumi, who happens to be their teacher Hanamoto sensei’s cousin. We learn that Hagumi is from the countryside of Nagano and that it’s her first time in Tokyo. Hagumi hands over the button to Takemoto.

At the cafeteria, Mayama talks about the research class he wants to get into. However, he tells his friends that he is having a hard time looking for the book he needs to be able to write the thesis report. Yamada, who has hidden feelings for Mayama,frantically searches for the book.

Meanwhile, everyone is starving with no food in sight. Romaya-senpai, an old and wise (?) friend saves the day by bringing a sack full of ham. After filling themselves with ham, Takemoto talks to Mayama about Hagumi. He wonders what her voice is like since she hasn’t spoken to them yet.

Back at school, Hagumi sees Morita’s huge wooden sculpture which leaves her speechless and inspires her to paint.

Morita's sculpture
Hagumi is left speechless after seeing Morita’s work

After her vigorous search, Yamada finds Mayama’s book in a used book shop. She gives the book to Mayama in exchange for dinner with him. Mayama agrees but gets distracted when his boss Harada Rika calls him to report for work. He runs off to meet Rika despite the rain and forgoes the interview for the class he wants to get into.

The art exhibition results are out and Hagumi’s painting wins first prize, beating Morita, who has won the exhibition for the past couple of years. Morita is moved by the Hagumi’s painting. He looks for her and gives her a hug. Takemoto is taken aback when he sees this. He hears Hagumi’s voice for the first time but his heart aches, feeling jealous towards Morita.

While doing pottery, Yamada feels lonely and rejected because Mayama ran off. Morita consoles her. Meanwhile, Rika fires Mayama from work.

Hagumi and Takemoto
Takemoto finally get a chance to speak to Hagumi
Morita's pizza
Morita’s pizza saves the day

To cheer up everyone, Morita calls them for pizza. Takemoto sees Hagumi again by the pond and they finally get to talk to each other. He invites her to eat pizza with the others. The five of them eat Morita’s pizza cooked from the pottery oven.

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