Kim Seon-ho as Han Ji-pyeong in "Start-up"
Kim Seon-ho as Han Ji-pyeong in “Start-up.” tvN

Kim Seon-ho a.k.a. Han Ji-pyeong in “Start-Up” continues to win the hearts of many K-drama fans. We asked our followers what ‘hugot’ song they’d like to sing for the Korean heartthrob, and the answers are quite amusing.

Han Ji-pyeong will do anything for love

Kim Seon-ho as Han Ji-pyeong might be using the ‘paying his debt’ excuse to keep Seo Dal-mi happy, but we all know that he’s falling for her. To keep her from learning the truth about the real Nam Do-san, Ji-pyeong lends Do-san his expensive car, clothes, watch, and even his office.

The usually supercilious Ji-pyeong is also willing to mentor Dal-mi in order for her to achieve her dream of becoming a CEO. But while he does everything for the girl, Dal-mi falls for Nam Do-san instead. 

In episode 5, Ji-pyeong tries to tell Seo Dal-mi the truth, but Nam Do-san stops him from doing so. Poor Ji-pyeong looks on as Dal-mi and Do-san share a celebratory hug after entering Sandbox.

‘Hugot’ songs for Kim Seon-ho

K-drama fans love the underdog, so we asked what songs they would like to dedicate to Kim Seon-ho and his character Han Ji-pyeong.

Lyrics video of “Paubaya from Moira Moira Dela Torre

Han Ji-pyeong might be taking his cue from the ultimate ‘hugot’ songstress Moira with her song “Paubaya.” The song talks about letting go of someone who’s in love with someone else. Sounds familiar, right?

Official music video of Itchyworm’s “Akin Ka Na Lang from Universal Records Philippines

Ji-pyeong might not get Seo Dal-mi’s love, but fans of Kim Seon-ho are more than willing to take care of his heart. Kim Seon-ho, amin ka na lang?

Lyrics video of “Mr. Right” from ABS-CBN Star Music

Kim Seon-ho seems to be the ultimate K-drama leading man with his good looks and charming character. So fans dreaming of having their own ‘oppa’ would like to ask him, “Ikaw na ba si Mr. Right?” Well, he sure looks like it. 

Listen to these and other songs for Han Ji-pyeong on our Spotify playlist:

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