Kim Joon

As announced by BOFPH, Kim Joon’s scheduled visit to the Philippines was cancelled at the last minute because of his health condition.

There were supposed to be two events today. The morning event is the opening ceremony where Kim Joon would be appointed as an honorary ambassador. The afternoon event was supposed to be a fan signing event with the fans. However, due to Kim Joon’s illness (he was diagnosed with H1N1), he was not able to travel.

Due to this unfortunate circumstance, the afternoon event was cancelled while the morning event pushed through, with the executive producer of Boys Over Flowers as a guest. I have yet to see photos from the event but it was announced that there will be gifts for the attendees.

Hopefully, Kim Joon and the rest of the BOF gang will still visit their fans here in the near future. As for Kim Joon, let’s all hope he’s doing better. What’s up with these K-pop stars and H1N1 anyway?

Credits: BOFPH

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