Kim Seon-ho held back tears during his first online fan meeting after a touching tribute made by his Filipino fans. The “Start-Up” actor, known to many as “Good Boy” or Han Ji-pyeong, spent an hour and half playing various games and interacting online with his fans. 

Kim Seon-ho Learns Filipino Words

During the first part of the program organized by Globe’s K-mmunity PH, Kim Seon-ho learned a few Filipino words. He was even asked to deliver some of his famous lines on “Start-Up” translated in Filipino. The actor was up for the challenge and passed with flying colors. He also commented that he finds the Filipino language “charming.”

It was revealed in an earlier video that Kim Seon-ho has been to Cebu once. He said he wants to go back to Cebu for a vacation.

Playing With Kim Seon-ho

Fans watching in their homes were also able to participate in a charades game, where Kim Seon-ho acted the clues. The lucky winners will be getting a signed postcard from the actor.

Meanwhile, a few chosen fans had the chance to join other games such as guessing the right sequence of the photos of Kim Seon-ho’s dramas, and a trivia quiz. They even had the chance to get a group photo with Seon-ho!

Fan Tribute for “Good Boy”

Before the night ended, a fan-made video was played for Kim Seon-ho showing his career highlights. The video included a touching message from PH Seonhohadas. Fans also made video messages, saying the line “I prefer you, I love you” in their native languages.

“We chose the line in reference to Seon-ho’s name (which means ‘preference’ in Korean) because he really truly is our ‘preferred’ actor,” according to KSH Paperdolls, the fanbase that spearheaded the video. The project was a collaborative effort under Seonho United Philippines, comprised of five PH Seohohada groups.

In “Start-Up” Kim Seon-ho’s character Han Ji-pyeong unfortunately wasn’t Seo Dal-mi’s choice in the end. He was, however, still Team Good Boy’s preference.

Kim Seon-ho looked absolutely overwhelmed by the end of the fan meeting that he was holding back his tears as he expressed his gratitude to his Filipino fans. We stan a humble celebrity!

Globe K-mmunity Organizes Kim Seon-ho Fan Meeting

Globe Telecom earlier welcomed Kim Seon-ho as their newest brand ambassador, which coincided with the fan meeting. The Hallyu star joins a string of Korean celebrity ambassadors for various brands in the Philippines. Fans are now looking forward to seeing his commercials for Globe.

We hope to see the talented actor in the Philippines soon but for now we’d settle for a new project (hopefully another K-drama) for our ‘Good Boy.’

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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  1. “Fans also made video messages, saying the line “I prefer you, I love you” in their native languages. It’s a reference to his “Start-Up” character Han Ji-pyeong, who unfortunately wasn’t Seo Dal-mi’s choice in the end.”

    just wanna say you might have gotten the wrong impression behind the i prefer you. It’s actually a wordplay with his name, seonho in korean means prefer.

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