“The Tyrant,” the much-anticipated project of Kim Seon-ho, will stream on Disney+ this year.

Originally created as a movie, “The Tyrant” eventually became a four-part series, according to Star News. It is included in Disney+’s 2024 Korean titles announced today.

Also included along with “The Tyrant” in Disney+’s 2024 lineup of Korean shows are “Blood Free” with Ju Ji-hoon and Han Hyo-joo, “Unmasked” starring Kim Hye-soo, and “Light Shop” from “Moving” creator Kangfull and featuring Ju Ji-hoon and Park Bo-young.

“The Tyrant” follows a U.S. government agent as he tries to recover a deadly new virus stolen from a secret project of the South Korean government. Viewers will witness global intelligence agencies working together against wicked forces to prevent the virus from spreading worldwide.

In the series, Kim Seon-ho plays the role of a South Korean government agent unofficially running Project Tyrant. Meanwhile, Cha Seung-won portrays a former agent tasked to eliminate those involved in the project. For his part, Kim Kang-woo is the U.S. agent trying to chase the missing sample.

Park Hoon-jung of “New World,” “The Witch: Subversion” series, and “Night in Paradise” directed “The Tyrant.” Kim Seon-ho also worked with him in the action-thriller film “The Childe.”

Kim Seon-ho is scheduled to return to the Philippines for his “2024 Kim Seonho Asia Tour in Manila ‘Color+Full’” fan meeting. The event, organized by UFC and Makeitlive, will happen on April 13, 6 p.m., at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Tickets to the fan meeting are now available on makeitlive.asia.

The actor known for his role as Han ji-pyeong in “Start-Up” also endorses UFC’s Fun Chow Korean-style rice mix.

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