Kim Seon-ho will be back in the Philippines next month for another fan meeting.

Filipino clothing brand Bench, which Kim Seon-ho endorses, yesterday announced the “Love to Meet Our Good Boy” fan meet in Manila to be held on July 22, 2023 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Bench said more details will be announced soon.

For its part, Kim Seon Ho Philippines called on admins of Philippine-based Kim Seon-ho fan groups who want to be involved in the preparations for “Love to Meet Our Good Boy.” Those who are interested to help may DM @kimseonho_ph on Twitter or email [email protected].

Before the fan meeting comes ‘The Childe’

Meanwhile, fans of the “Start-Up” and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” star are also looking forward to Kim Seon-ho’s film debut. “The Childe,” Kim Seon-ho’s first movie, will be showing in Philippine cinemas on July 5. In this action film, he plays the role of a mysterious and unidentified man known as the “nobleman” who relentlessly pursues a Filipino-Korean boxer.

Filipino Seonhohadas are also organizing block screenings of “The Childe.”

Glimmer Studio, which is bringing “The Childe to the Philippines” in collaboration with CreaZion Studios, posted a video of Kim Seon-ho inviting his fans to watch the film.

“My new movie ‘The Childe’ will be released soon. I play Gwigongja, the unidentified pursuer. I’m ready to show you the vibrant action and thrilling chase,” Kim Seon-ho said in the video.

He added that Director Park Hoon-jung and all the cast and crew members made the movie “The Childe” with devotion. “Stay tuned and send us love and support! And I’ll see you in theaters,” Kim Seon-ho said before the video ends.

With Kim Seon-ho in “The Childe” are Kang Tae-joo as the boxer and Go Ara as a mysterious woman.

Second Kim Seon-ho Manila fan meet in 2023

Kim Seon-ho was in the Philippines last January for his “2023 Kim Seon-ho Asia Tour <One, Two, Three. Smile>.” Around 10,000 fans attended the sold-out event held at the the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila. While watching the video made by his fans, Kim Seon-ho fought back tears that still escaped his eyes.

“Thank you so much for always being with me during the hard times,” he said to his loyal supporters who never left his side.

Before he flew back to Korea that same night, he stayed for more than two hours for the bye session. He mirrored each fan’s hand gesture and wave with a smile that never left his face. 

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