It’s not only the Korean F4 who are very busy nowadays.  

After the phenomenal success of Boys Over Flowers, even Kim So Eun, who played Jandi’s friend Ga Eul, is enjoying the spotlight given to the actors of the hit Korean series.

Aside from filming the drama “The Man Who Can’t Get Married” with Ji Jin Hee (Dae Jang Geum) which will be shown this June, So Eun will also be starring in her first music video for the song “Goodbye My Love” of the Korean trio 8eight.

I just saw the teaser for the video where a very teary So Eun is looking at a television (I think) and we hear a voice saying Saranghae (I love you).  Looking at the preview and the title of the song, I can pretty much say that the storyline of the MV is probably very tragic.

Too bad Kim Bum is not her partner here but 2AM’s Jin-woon. 

The full music video will be released on June 11.

Credits to: yanaftwtwo@youtube, popseoul

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