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The new year marks an opportunity for us to begin again, start fresh, and a chance to be better; but sometimes, it can feel like we’re still stuck in the same situation as before. To help us look ahead on our new journeys with hope and optimism, Viu Philippines, This Side Up and Flip Music released the complete official soundtrack of its first Viu Original, “Still.” Comprised of 13 OPM tracks, the powerful and poignant songs capture the stories of each character and take us on a journey where they strive to prove that they still have a voice — that they still matter — even as their lives are intertwined and forever changed from the pandemic.

“Still” is an eight-part Viu Original musical narrative designed to move you to move forward through song and stage. The story was produced during the pandemic, a time when we were deprived of our normal way of life, and the songs were written to tell the story of today’s generation and inspire us to still keep going. 

These songs that still matter today were created and composed by Nica Del Rosario (composer of the hit song “Tala”), Matthew Chang (musical director and composer of “Dekada ‘70”) Mike Shimamoto (Viu cast member, singer-songwriter, and founder of Haru), and Flipmusic (a local production house that delivers global competitive sound and audio solutions).  

Chang composed “Babangon Pilipinas” to tell our resilience story. Sung by Gabby Pangilinan, his intention was to show that we can uplift each other despite life’s challenges. There’s also “Paalala Para Sa’yo,” a song that reminds everyone to love yourself, especially during these hard times. According to Chang, the songs were derived from the Filipino trait of being selfless but, we need to always see our worth so we can better love and help other people.

“Sumandali,” composed by Shimamoto, is a pandemic anthem — a song that speaks of our shared pain during the pandemic, but the silver lining is that we learned to lean on each other. It was the voiceless exchanges of support that helped us find a place to take a break and breathe.

He also wrote “Panahon” as a gift to a loved one who was feeling lost and hopeless. It reminds us that no matter how dark the night gets, we hold on and we hope for a new day.

Del Rosario created “Bagong Mundo” 50 days after the quarantine was announced last 2020. “I watched all my plans and dreams suddenly go into limbo. The song was cathartic for me because I poured what my heart was feeling to it,” she recalls.

She also wrote “Muli” as a tribute to all the frontliners and OFWs who are working hard for the country and their loved ones. The song ultimately represents the love that family can give, whether it’s the one you were born into or the one that you chose.

“We can relate to all the songs but what struck us the most is “Mundo, Umikot Ka.” There are times when you get tired of everything that is going on with your life, but you are not alone. You just have let it all out and express what you truly feel. You can sing this song from the top of your lungs and afterwards you’ll feel way better,” shared Chang and Del Rosario. 

“Tuloy Ka Lang” is a song that can also resonate with all of us. “We’ve experienced anxiety, frustrations, challenges, and the feeling of being lost. Still, we learned to find a sense of change and maturity, a grounded and unshakeable sense of hope. Kahit sa dilim, at sa lamig, at sa lalim ng gabi. Huwag kang bibitaw,” Shimamoto added.

This 2022, Still hopes to be a source of strength for the quarantine generation and to let their voices be heard. Listen to the complete official soundtrack of Still: A Viu Original Musical Narrative Series today, now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal. All eight episodes of “Still” are also available on Viu! Download the now on App Store, Google Play and selected Smart TVs, or visit www.viu.com

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