“Still,” described as a “musical narrative series,” is Viu Philippines’ first original offering, headlined by some of the best names in Philippine entertainment. The 8-episode series will have an exclusive preview on November 12 with tickets available via Ticket-2-Me. “Still” will also be available on Viu starting November 26. Here’s what to expect from this one-of-a-kind collaboration.

The Story

“Still” tells the story of aspiring artists stuck during the lockdowns.

The pandemic has given us so much grief and despair, but our time spent for introspection has also brought out our resilience and creativity. The same goes for how “Still” has come about through the collaboration of creative minds from film, theater, and OPM. “Still” is a double entendre for being in a state of pause and evokes hope for a future. The series follows the story of aspiring artists who get stuck in a music camp during the lockdowns. 

“It’s a story about friendship, despair, love, hoping, amidst everything, a future for us where we can create, imagine and we can still dare,” says creator Pat Valera, the creative behind the musical adaptation of “Dekada ‘70” 

“Still” is directed by Treb Monteras, who also directed the internationally-renowned rap musical movie “Respeto.” The musical narrative series features 13 original songs from Nica Del Rosario, Matthew Chang, and Mike Shimamoto.

The Artists

Julie Anne San Jose is Laura in “Still.”

Bringing life to the story of “Still” are a talented pool of musical artists including GMA stars Julie Anne San Jose and Christian Bautista, Bituin Escalante, thespians Gab Pangilinan, Gabby Padilla, and more.

Julie Anne plays the role of the relentless dreamer Laura. Christian is Nikolas, the camp head and mentor at the music camp Daloy Himig. Meanwhile, Bituin plays Annette, the owner of Balay, home of the Daloy Himig camp.

Christian Bautista is the music camp head Nikolas.

For Bituin, “Still” is a resounding portrait of artists’ lives in the time of pandemic. “This is the first role that hits closest to home. The struggles she’s facing are the same as the struggles all artists are facing during this pandemic.”

Gab Pangilinan furthers that everyone can relate to the message of the series. “‘Still’ is our story. It’s about everything we had to go through over the past two years.”

The Future of Theater

While the pandemic has shut down live performances and movie theaters, streaming platforms such as Viu, have become the lifeline of entertainment consumers. 

The artists at Daloy Himig music camp

Viu Philippines, who’s looking to expand their portfolio of “premium Asian content,” saw this opportunity to bring music, theater and film together on the streaming platform. It’s a welcome change for theater artists looking for a space in the digital scene.

“The way we watch our content right now has been totally changed by the pandemic. It doesn’t mean that the theater will go away. We get to reach more people. We get to amplify our stories. It’s something to embrace,” Pat Valera says.

“Still” opens on November 12, and you can buy tickets to have first access to all 8 episodes. The series will be available on the Viu platform starting November 26.

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