Popular Filipino actress Liza Soberano recently tried Blackpink member Kim Jennie’s makeup look in the teaser of the girl group’s single “How You Like That.”

The self-confessed Blink – or Blackpink fan – on Friday grammed a photo and a teaser of her video recreating Jennie’s look.

A day later, Liza released on her recently launched YouTube vlog her video applying makeup on herself to achieve Jennie’s look.

Liza used makeup products sent to her by cosmetics company Maybelline. She also had her hair done and wore rings and earrings similar to those used by Jennie.

Back to K-pop

In her vlog, Liza also recalls how she got back into K-pop because of Blackpink. She shares she was already a K-pop fan when she was younger.

“I was a K-pop fan in my earlier years, like when I was in grade 6 ‘til first year high school. And that started with the likes of 2NE1, SuperJunior, [and] Girls Generation.”

But she eventually lost interest in K-pop because she got busy with school and acting – until she got introduced to Blackpink.

“In late 2018 my cousin Ashanti, who’s a lot younger than me, influenced me into watching Blackpink. And after watching my first video of Blackpink, I fell deep down into, like, a blackhole of K-pop,” Liza says.

Last year, Liza Soberano also posted a K-pop-inspired photo where she channelled Blackpink member Jennie Kim.

Liza also attended the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California to watch Blackpink. She later happily shared that she had a brief interaction with Jennie.

Stanning BTS, fighting stan bullies

Earlier today Liza – who is also a fan of the South Korean boy band BTS – tweeted that she does not support “fighting and the toxic side of stan tweet.”

This is in response to a Twitter user who criticized Liza for saying she had fought with people on her BTS stan account.  

BTS fan group BTSunnies PH yesterday released a video of Liza and her friends Andie and Rhi discussing being part of the BTS Army – a term used to refer to BTS fandom.

“The message I really want to point out is, I do not tolerate being bullied and hated upon just because of individual differences. Which is prevalent on stan tweet, and when it does happen I speak up about it,” Liza said in one of her tweets.

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