Netflix has finally released its lineup of K-dramas and other Korean variety shows for 2024. From thrillers, romance, comedy, and action to returning shows, Netflix has a mix of different genres for everyone. Here’s the list of Korean shows on Netflix this 2024.

New gripping series for everyone

‘The Bequeathed’
Cast: Kim Hyun-joo, Park Hee-soon, Park Byung-eun, Ryu Kyung-soo
Release Date: January 19
Plot: After the death of an unknown uncle, a woman inherits a burial ground and finds herself at the center of a string of murders and dark secrets.

‘Captivating the King’
Cast: Jo Jung-suk, Shin Se-kyung
Release Date: January 21
Plot: King Lee In, the most powerful man with the most impoverished heart, and Kang Hee-soo, a woman who develops feelings for him despite her plan to wreak vengeance, come together in a cruel twist of fate.

‘Doctor Slump’
Cast: Park Hyung-sik, Park Shin-hye
Release Date: January 28
Plot: Burnouts and lawsuits in the range of 10 billion won abound in this rom-com drama about resuscitating the joie de vivre of doctors, each facing the worst slump of their lives for different reasons.

‘A Killer Paradox’
Cast: Choi Woo-shik, Son Suk-ku, Lee Hee-jun
Release Date: February 9
Plot: An ordinary man begins to commit more murders after inadvertently killing someone, and a police detective pursues him relentlessly.

‘Queen of Tears’
Cast: Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Ji-won, Park Sung-hoon, Kwak Dong-yeon
Release Date: March 9
Plot: “Queen of Tears” is one of the most anticipated Netflix 2024 K-dramas. Hong Hae-in, the third-generation heiress to Queens Group and the queen of department stores, has been married for three years to Baek Hyun-woo, Yongdu-ri village chief’s son and the prince of supermarkets. As the couple weathers a marital crisis, they discover a miraculous new beginning that rewrites their love story.

Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun are a married couple in “Queen of Tears.” Netflix

‘Chicken Nugget’
Cast: Ryu Seung-ryong, Ahn Jae-hong, Kim Yoo-jung
Release Date: 1st Quarter
Plot: A woman enters a mysterious machine and turns into a chicken nugget, with her father and her secret admirer desperately trying to restore her in this comical mystery drama

‘The 8 Show’
Cast: Ryu Jun-yeol, Chun Woo-hee, Park Jeong-min
Release Date: 2nd Quarter
Plot: Eight individuals trapped in a mysterious 8-story building participate in a tempting but dangerous game show where they earn money as time passes

‘Parasyte: The Grey’
Cast: Jeon So-nee, Koo Kyo-hwan, Lee Jung-hyun
Release Date: 2nd Quarter
Plot: As unidentified parasitic life-forms that live off human hosts strive to grow their power and start to disrupt society, a group of humans wage war against the rising evil.

Go Youn-jung, Jeon So-nee
Go Youn-jung in “Resident Playbook” and Jeon So-nee in “Parasyte: The Grey” Netflix

‘Resident Playbook’
Cast: Go Youn-jung, Shin Si-a, Kang You-seok, Han Ye-ji, Jung Jun-won
Release Date: 2nd Quarter
Plot: This spin-off of “Hospital Playlist” showcases the intense but heartfelt lives of OB-GYN residents learning the ropes at Jongno Yulje Medical Center.

Cast: Roh Jeong-eui, Lee Chae-min, Kim Jae-won
Release Date: 2nd Quarter
Plot: The top 0.01% of students control law and order at Jusin High School, but a secretive transfer student chips a crack in their indomitable world.

‘The Whirlwind’
Cast: Sul Kyung-gu, Kim Hee-ae
Release Date: 3rd Quarter
Plot: A clash ensues when the deputy prime minister of economy stands up to the prime minister who aims to uproot the corrupt powers that be.

Woo Do-hwan, Go Min-si
Woo Do-hwan in “Mr. Plankton” and Go Min-si in “The Frog” Netflix

‘The Frog’
Cast: Kim Yun-seok, Yoon Kye-sang, Go Min-si, Lee Jung-eun, Chanyeol
Release Date: 3rd Quarter
Plot: One man’s life begins to crumble when a mysterious woman shows up at his motel one summer, leaving him to cling dearly to his former ways of life in this mystery thriller series.

‘Mr. Plankton’
Cast: Woo Do-hwan, Lee Yoo-mi, Oh Jung-se, Kim Hae-sook
Release Date: 4th Quarter
Plot: A man who should not have been born and the unhappiest woman in the world are forced to accompany one another on the final journey of his life.

Seo Hyun-jin and Gong Yoo in "The Trunk"
Seo Hyun-jin and Gong Yoo star in “The Trunk.” Netflix

‘The Trunk’
Cast: Seo Hyun-jin, Gong Yoo
Release Date: 4th Quarter
Plot: A clandestine marriage service is uncovered when a trunk washes up on the shore of a lake, bringing to light the strange marriage between a couple in the thick of it all.

Anticipated returns of fan favorites

The Netflix 2024 K-dramas list won’t be complete without the return of fan favorite series, including, the highly anticipated “Squid Game Season 2.”

‘Sweet Home Season 3’
Cast: Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young, Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-si, Park Gyu-young, Jinyoung
Release Date: 2nd Quarter
Plot: The long-awaited Season 3 of Sweet Home presents a world where monsterization ends and new humanity begins. It’s a world teetering on the boundary between monsters and humans, where people desperately struggling to survive face difficult choices. In Season 3, the characters who had been scattered regroup to face conflicts motivated by greed.

Song Kang
Song Kang returns in “Sweet Home Season 3.” Netflix

‘Gyeongseong Creature Season 2’
Cast: Park Seo-joon, Han So-hee
When: 3rd Quarter
Plot: Set in 2024 Seoul, Season 2 uncovers the never-ending ties — the good and the bad — that fate weaves in Gyeongseong via Ho-jae, a man deceptively similar in looks and demeanor to Tae-sang, and Chae-ok, a survivor of the Gyeongseong spring.

‘Hellbound Season 2’
Cast: Kim Hyun-joo, Kim Sung-cheol, Kim Shin-rock, Im Seong-jae, Lee Dong-hee
When: 4th Quarter
Plot: Season 2 unleashes a chaotic world exacerbated by the continuous hellbound decrees, where lawyer Min Hyejin of Sodo, The New Truth Society, and the Arrowheads get entangled amidst the sudden resurrections of The New Truth’s Chairman Jung Jinsu and Park Jungja. Kim Hyun-joo returns as Min Hyejin, a lawyer in a fight against the group of fanatics who worship Jung Jinsu and The New Truth Society called the Arrowheads. Kim Sung-cheol slips into the role of Jung Jinsu, the founding chairman of The New Truth Society, who hid his own hellhound past to protect its doctrines and institution.

"Gyeongseong Creature Season 2" and "Squid Game Season 2"
“Gyeongseong Creature” and “Squid Game” return for season 2. Netflix

‘Squid Game 2’
Cast: Lee Jung-jae, Lee Byung-hun, Im Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Wi Ha-joon, Park Gyu-young, Lee Jin-uk, Park Sung-hoon, Yang Dong-geun
Release Date: 4th Quarter
Plot: The highly-anticipated second season will follow Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) as he abandons his plans to go to the US and starts a chase with a motive. “Squid Game” tells the story of a group of desperate contestants who risk their lives to become the final winner in a mysterious extreme survival game with a 45.6 billion won cash prize.

Unscripted shows

Aside from the strong lineup of 2024 Netflix K-dramas, the streaming platform has a lot of unique unscripted shows this year.

‘Risqué Business’
Cast: Shin Dong-youp Sung Si-kyung
Release Date: February 20
Plot: After exploring Japan’s sex cultures and talking to diverse LGBTQ individuals and medical sex experts in Taiwan, the two hosts are now ready to go beyond Asia to the European nations of the Netherlands and Germany.

‘Physical 100: Season 2 – Underground’
Release Date: 1st Quarter
Plot: A new group of 100 contestants declares war against one another in meticulously planned, large-scale challenges, relentlessly pushing their physical limits to become the last person standing.

"Risque Business"
Shin Dong-youp Sung Si-kyung explore sex culture in The Netherlands and Germany in “Risqué Business.” Netflix

‘Agents of Mystery’
Cast: Lee Yong-jin, John Park, Lee Eun-ji, Lee Hye-ri, Kim Do-hoon, Karina
Release Date: 2nd Quarter
Plot: Six agents — Lee Yong-jin, John Park, Lee Eun-ji, Hye-ri, Kim Do-hoon, and Karina — probe into bizarre incidents that cannot be explained by science in this unscripted adventure mystery series

‘Super Rich in Korea’
Cast: Cho Sae-ho, BamBam, Mimi
Release Date: 2nd Quarter
Plot: Enter the world of these superrich expats in the top 1 percent of society. What do they do in Korea? What do they wear and eat? The reality series Super Rich in Korea peeks into the extravagant lives of the extremely wealthy in Korea.

BamBam, Cho Sae-ho, and Mimi
BamBam, Cho Sae-ho, and Mimi follow the remarkable real-life stories of multibillionaires living in ultimate luxury in “Super Rich in Korea.” Netflix

‘The Influencer’
Release Date: 3rd Quarter
Plot: The Influencer is an unscripted social survival series where South Korean influencers compete with one another to determine who has the most influence over social media, a realm where one’s reach equals power and status.

‘Unknown Chefs’
Cast: Paik Jong-won
Release Date: 3rd Quarter
Plot: This unscripted competition series pits people from all walks of life against one another in a fierce culinary showdown.

Paik Jong-won
Paik Jong-won aims to know “Who is the best cook in South Korea?” in “Unknown Chefs.” Netflix

‘Singles Inferno Season 4’
Release Date: 4th Quarter
Plot: The hottest and flirtiest singles search for love on a deserted island once again. The only way to escape? Finding a perfect match for a romantic night in “paradise.”

‘Zombieverse Season 2’
Release Date: 4th Quarter
Plot: New cast members are set to join Season 2 where the quests are as colorful and creative as ever, and it has been reported that the zombies themselves will receive an upgrade in stats, making it harder for the cast to survive the Zombieverse universe.

Which 2024 Netflix K-dramas are you excited for? Meanwhile, stay tuned for the list of movies coming on Netflix this 2024!

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