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Park Yoochun and Son Ye-jin are the candidates for a new MBC Wed-Thur drama titled I want to see/Missing (you) –literal translation for the title.

I want to see/Missing (you) is going to be directed by Lee Jae Dong, director of Thank You with writer Moon Hee Jung, writer for Can You Hear My Heart. It has been known that Park Yoochun and Son Ye Jin are candidates for this upcoming drama but there are still no certainties at this time. Casting is still underway in relation to the story as its contents are still not finalized.

The drama is about a man and a woman who loved each other during their childhood but a sudden accident led to their breakup. They are destined to meet after a long time, like a hide and seek love story.

This might turn out like a Serendipity type of drama but I’m not really sure,  reading about the plot made me think that this would be another frustrating at the same time entertaining drama to watch.

I want to see/Missing (you) is to replace Arang The Magistrate in its timeslot when it finishes.

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