Ken tries to remember why Rei looked so angry at him on the photo. His friends Tsuru, Eri and Mikio talk about how Ken acted like an idiot at that time. Hearing them chatter about how clueless he is made Ken remember the time when Rei told him how he doesn’t understand anything. Ken wishes he could start over again.

Yousei appears and grants him his second Hallelujah Chance.

Ken goes back to time they were busy preparing for a festival in school. He gets a wound on his elbow while working on their horror show. While sitting on his old desk, Ken sees his Randy Bass desk pad.

While Ken and Rei carry the curtains to the AV room, Ken notices that she’s in a good mood. Rei tells him that she wants some coffee milk. They were betting on whether Eri would become Miss Risshuu and Rei wanted Ken to treat her if Eri wins.

The results for the Mr. and Ms. Risshu contest are out and Eri wins. Tsuru gets upset for losing. Apparently, Eri asked the others not to vote for Tsuru because it might lower the standards of the contest. Eri is flocked by his male admirers making Tsuru all the more furious.

At lunchtime, Rei returns Ken’s Monpachi CD. She reminds him of the coffee milk he owes her. Tsuru sees the Monpachi CD and tries to borrow it from Ken. However, Rei quickly tells Ken not to lend it. Ken throws the CD in his bag and the guys go to the baseball locker room for lunch. Rei looks worriedly at Ken’s bag.

Before going to the locker room, Ken remembers Rei’s coffee milk so he goes to the cafeteria to buy one. He finds the coffee milk but doesn’t have enough money to buy it. Ken goes back to Rei to tell her he couldn’t get the coffee milk. Rei tells him that it’s okay since she didn’t pin much hope on Ken’s promise. Ken doesn’t realize it at first but then figures out that this may be the reason why Rei looked so angry with him on the photo. He runs to find a way to get her some coffee milk.

At the baseball locker room, Ken finds the boys having otsukaresen for lunch. He tries to borrow 500 yen from Mikio but Mikio refuses. He tells them that he needs to buy some coffee milk and that his future depends on it. Mikio tells him about the money they placed inside the Frankenstein head.
With the right amount of money, Ken goes back to the cafeteria only to find out that the coffee milk has sold out. He freaks out when he sees Ito Matsunori sensei drinking the last coffee milk from the cafeteria. Ken sees Rei who continues to give him the cold shoulder.

Feeling dejected, Ken thinks of a way to get the coffee milk. Mikio tells him to just buy some outside the school.

In class, Eri wonders where Ken has gone. Rei gets surprised when Mikio tells them that he went out to buy some coffee milk. Mikio wonders why Ken is so intent in buying one. He recalls how Ken sometimes acts weird like during the baseball game when he said that he came from the future. Tsuru says he could’ve hit a homerun then but Eri disagrees and tells Tsuru that he wouldn’t be able to do that with his boyfriend’s pitch. Tsuru is disheartened to learn about Eri’s boyfriend.

The girls talk about Eri’s boyfriend. Rei advises her to know the person well before going into a relationship. Eri tells her that she’s way too cautious and that she should at least give the person she likes some signs. Rei tells her that he’s too slow-witted.

Ken goes inside a bathhouse and finds a bottle of coffee milk. However, he’s told that they only sell their goods to their customers so Ken is forced to take a bath.

Eri teases Rei about Ken who’s going through great heights to get her some coffee milk. Rei seems pleased.

Back at the bathhouse, Ken finally gets to buy a bottle of coffee milk and rushes back to school. Ito sensei catches Ken and takes his bottle of coffee and drinks it.

Rei finds an upset Ken and nags him about not helping with their clean up duty. He tells her about his failed attempt to buy her coffee milk but Rei seems unimpressed. Ken apologizes for not being able to get what she wants. Rei is moved and thanks him for his efforts. Ken assumes that everything is okay but then notices that Rei seems to be sad about something.

The five of them make some paper planes and get nostalgic about the end of the school festival. Ken throws his paper plane and is scolded once again by Ito sensei for littering. He goes back to the classroom and sees the birthday greetings written on the chalkboard. They tell him to follow them at Shogun’s Burger.

Before going out, Ken listens to his Monpachi CD. He regrets not being able to do more things to make Rei happy. Suddenly, he remembers why Rei was so upset at him. He looks at the Monpachi CD cover and sees a note from Rei. The message reads the numbers “645.” Ken remembers seeing the number on one of the books that Rei borrowed from the library. He rushes off to the library and finds a Randy Bass figurine on the shelf, a birthday gift from Rei. There’s also a band-aid left for his wound.

Ken runs to Shogun’s Burger and finds everyone waiting for him. He picks on Rei for leaving such a difficult message to decipher and gives her a coupon for the coffee milk in case he forgets about it. Ken tells her that he left a secret message for her on the chalkboard and it would be best to come to school early. Tsuru, Eri and Mikio bring in Ken’s birthday cake and everyone sings him a happy birthday.

On the board, Ken’s message reads, “An important person is sitting right beside me.” Ironically, the groom, Tada sensei, who will be starting as a trainee teacher in the school, erases the message on the board.

After blowing the candles, the five of them take a picture and Ken is transported back to the wedding reception. Ken is disappointed because nothing has changed. Yousei reveals that Rei wasn’t able to see his message.

The next photo on the slideshow was taken during Tada-sensei’s last day in their school. Ken remembers how upset he was that time.

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