Ken wonders why he was crying in the photo during Tada-san’s last day at their school. Yousei then appears and grants Ken his third Hallelujah chance.

Ken goes back to the time they were doing a human pyramid in school for their gymnastics class. He looks on as Rei drinks from the fountain. Charmed by her, Ken is determined to let Rei know his feelings. But just when he’s about to confess, Tsuru and Mikio gets in the way and pushes him to confess to Cameron, the other teacher trainee. Rei looks pissed as Mikio and Tsuru describe how Ken has been dreaming about Cameron.

The five of them list the things they know about Tada-san after his two-week training but they couldn’t think of much since Tada-san always kept to himself. Eri reveals having a crush on Tada-san.

Meanwhile, Ken tries again to confess to Rei but he hesitates, making Rei think that he’s about to push all his school duties to her again.

In class, Tada-san teaches trigonometry but no one seems to be interested. Ken busies himself with computing his and Rei’s compatibility. He’s thrilled when he gets a 94 percent compatibility score.
Eri, on the other hand, tries to express her liking for Tada-san but Tada-san mistakes it for a geometry question.

The five of them talk about how Tada-san seems to have no real interest on the students.

Cameron and Eri face off in their colored jumpsuits.

Back in class, Tada-san continues his explanation about symmetry. Rei reminds Ken about his turn to erase the board but Ken won’t budge so Rei goes and erases Tada-san’s notes. Rei tells Tada-san that the students aren’t interested in curves and if he continues what he’s doing, the distance between him and the students will never be shortened. She compares Tada-san to a parallel line. Ken goes to help Rei and sees Tada-san’s copy of their class seat plan. Suddenly, Ken remembers that he was the one who created the chance for Tada-san to open up to the class after letting everyone see the seat plan. This time, Ken decides to hide the seat plan.

The class makes a survey on whether they should give flowers to Tada-sensei on his last day in school. A majority of them votes not to do so, including Ken.

Tsuru and Mikio bring Cameron to Ken and they urge him to confess but Ken gets dumped even before he says anything. Rei teases Ken for getting dumped and the two get into an argument.

At homeroom, Tsuru suggests to Tada-sensei that it’s time for them to change seats and that they should choose their preferred seats this time instead of drawing lots. Ken and Rei do not participate at first but Ken gives in when he sees Rei opening up to the idea.

All the boys are asked to go out as the girls choose where they want to sit. Tsuru asks Ken to hoist him up to see where Eri is sitting. Mikio tricks him and gives him the wrong information. It’s the boys‘ turn now to choose seats. Ken thinks about going back to his original seat beside Rei but Mikio reserves a seat for him. Ken looks longingly at Rei who has gone back to her original seat.

Eri asks Rei if she felt relieved that Ken got dumped by Cameron. Rei denies getting worried and tells her that she knew Ken would get dumped.

Ken gets frustrated over his failure again. He wonders why he couldn’t do a simple thing as to sit beside Rei.

Ken talks to Tada-san while taking the trash out. He tells Ken that he feels disappointed over how his training went. Tada-san wonders whether becoming a teacher is the right road for him. Ken cheers him up and tells him to become a great teacher that everyone looks up to. In return, Tada-san tells Ken to live his high school life to the fullest and to not leave behind any regrets. Before they part, Tada-san asks him whether the students gave him any nickname but Ken tells him that he doesn’t have one. Tada-san narrates to Ken that since he was a kid, only one person, a childhood friend, has ever called him by a special nickname. Ken remembers the first time he met Rei and she called him Ken-zou.

Back in class, Ken makes an excuse of not being able to see at the back so he asks Ito-sensei if he could switch seats with Socrates who now sits beside Rei.

Rei asks Ken why he wanted to sit beside her again since she finds it troublesome to be on student duty with Ken again. Rei looks for an eraser and Ken hands her one. Rei remembers the time he broke his eraser for her and they instantly became friends. She gets embarrassed when she remembers that she mistook his name for Kenzou because of how Ken broke the eraser.

Ken feels guilty for hiding Tada-san’s seat plan so he starts another survey to give him flowers. At the back of the survey is Tada-san’s seat plan where the face of each student is drawn. Tada-san even noted some of the things he knew about each student. Everyone is moved.

Before leaving, the students say goodbye to Tada-sensei and give him flowers. Rei hands him the flowers and apologizes for her harsh words to him. They invite Tada-sensei to hang out with them. The whole class takes a picture and Ken goes back to the present.

Ken gets frustrated over acting like a cupid to Rei and Tada-san. Yousei tells him not to worry because his points in Rei’s heart is now constantly rising but whether Ken could marry her is a different thing altogether.

Next photo on the slideshow was taken before their high school graduation. Ken’s uniform is missing its second button but he remembers not giving the button to Rei.

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