Kim Bum and Kim Kang-woo for“Psychometry”

The first trailer release for the movie “Psychometry” was just released on January 23, 2013.

The synopsis of the movie goes like this – Yang Chun-dong (Kim Kang-woo), after 3 years as a detective, encountered a case where a little girl is kidnapped and murdered. But on that case he noticed a wall mural that seemed familiar and he has seen before on other cases. He then tracks down Joon (Kim Bum), the person who drew these murals on the wall.

Joon is actually a psychic that can see into the past of something or someone when he touches it. Although he is living alone and blaming it all on his powers, he tries to help the police by leaving clues of what he found out with his powers and painting it on walls. But because of this he became the main suspect in the murders.

Eventually he gets caught and a Chun-dong finds out about Joon’s abilities and tries to get his help to find the real murderer before another victim dies.

We could recall that this psychic thing was also used in a drama from before, “Mawang.” In that drama, the leading actress used similar powers to see into the past of the evidences brought by the police. And in this movie we can really see the difference of character brought up with this power. Others may call it a gift, but most usually its a burden or a grief for some.

There are two very charismatic and talented actors in this movie namely, Kim Kang-woo and Kim Bum. Both actors recently came out of the small screen each with a different character in the movie.

Kim Bum had kind of the similar role of having the supernatural powers and everything but this time instead of being the guardian angel and having a positive outlook in life, he comes out to us as a angsty psychic dude that thinks that his powers just only brought him grief instead of gifts. It’s a very hard role to portray, but given his experience into acting I wouldn’t doubt that he can pull it off.

And as for Kim Kang-woo, he has probably done a few detective roles and noted that he just came from one in “Haeundae Lovers,” I’m guessing it would be piece of cake for him already playing the tough-I-can-solve-any-case-you-throw-at-me attitude. But in the trailer we see that this role quite different from the usual ones we encounter. Here he’s much more vulnerable or should I say human. Here he struggles and has his own issues and feels helpless that he has to seek the help of Joon.

Definitely something to look forward to watching in the future, but right now it still doesn’t have a release date so we all have to wait to watch this suspense thriller movie!

The trailer can be found here, and some speech translations below!

*reports of children kidnapped and murdered*

Joon: police

Joon: Is that why your tyring so hard to find missing kids? so that boy would come back alive?

Yang Chun-dong: What are you?

Yang Chun-dong: There’s no more time. we’re different. you can do it right?

Joon: then do you want me to show you THIS?

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