Doom at Your Service” episode 1 is bringing back all the “Goblin” feels. Here’s what we think of the new Seo In-guk, Park Bo-young drama.

The Plot (Warning: spoilers ahead)

There’s no one more unlucky than web novel editor Tak Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young) in “Doom at Your Service” episode 1. She finds out that she has an aggressive type of brain cancer, which leaves her with about three months to live. She also discovers that her boyfriend is a married man with a very pregnant wife. Her boss gives her hell for being late. On top of that, her brother tries to wring money from her by lying about being in an accident. All these happened on the anniversary of her parents’ death.

Meanwhile, Myul Mang (Seo In-guk) goes about his daily tasks of bringing doom to earth. It’s also his birthday, which allows him to fulfill one wish. He hears the plea of an intoxicated Dong-kyung who wishes for doom on earth. Myul Mang appears before her, all too willing to grant her wish.

‘Goblin’ Feels in ‘Doom at Your Service’ Episode 1

Seo In-guk’s character Myul Mang will definitely remind you of Gong Yoo’s Kim Shin and Lee Dong-wook’s Grim Reaper in “Goblin.” The similarities are undeniable from the dark outfits to their abilities to hear voices and to control time. Myul Mang is similar to the grim reaper as both are present in times of death. However, unlike the grim reaper, Myul Mang has never been a human. He merely exists to bring doom.

There’s also the character of Tak Dong-kyung who is “fated” to die. The idea of inescapable death may be reminiscent of Ji Eun-tak’s (Kim Go-eun) fate in “Goblin.”

However, “Doom at Your Service” does have a charm of its own. Seo In-guk exudes the sexy bad boy vibe with his ‘doom’ character. Meanwhile, fans will be intrigued to see a more mature Park Bo-young, far from her beloved Do Bong Soon character. 

Despite “Doom at Your Service” episode 1 being a slow burn, there is enough spark between the two leads to deserve your Monday-Tuesday viewing. 

Check out the first episode of “Doom at Your Service” on Viu Philippines.

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