(Update: “Start-Up PH” will premiere on September 26, 2022.)

While the exact release date of “Start-Up Philippines” has yet to be announced, a teaser revealed today that the Filipino adaptation of the popular K-drama will air this September on GMA Network.

“Start-Up PH” stars Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards as Tristan Hernandez, the Filipino Han Ji-pyeong, and multi-awarded actress Bea Alonzo as Dani Sison, the local Seo Dal-mi. In the original Korean drama, Kim Seon-ho played the role of Han Ji-pyeong, while Bae Suzy was Seo Dal-mi.

Also in the “Start-Up PH” cast is Jeric Gonzales as Davidson Navarro, the counterpart of Nam Do-san played by Nam Joo-hyuk in the K-drama. Meanwhile, Yasmin Kurdi is Ina Diaz — Won In-jae portrayed by Kang Han-na. Gina Alajar, for her part, takes the role of beloved lola or halmoni, originally played by Kim Hae-sook.

Love and dreams in ‘Start Up Philippines’

“Start-Up” is about the dreams and aspirations of young entrepreneurs and how they try to find their own place in the startup world. Interwoven with this is a story of an unrequited love that turned into an exciting love triangle.

Last March, GMA Network announced the local remake of the hit 2020 K-drama in partnership with Korean entertainment company CJ ENM.

“This is one of my favorite K-dramas because of its inspiring story about reaching for one’s dreams, with all the engaging story elements about love — romantic love, filial love, love between friends, set against a modern backdrop which I am sure our audience will find very interesting,” said GMA Network Senior Vice President for GMA Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable. “What makes this even more exciting is the Filipino cast that we have put together to bring the characters of ‘Start-Up’ closer to the Filipino audience,” she added.

Fans are still waiting for the announcement of the actual “Start-Up Philippines” release date.

Waiting for Start Up ‘Philippines’ release date

In the Korean series, the main characters are Nam Do-san and Seo Dal-mi. However, male second lead Han Ji-pyeong captured the hearts of the audience, especially in the Philippines. The drama brought actor Kim Seon-ho, affectionately referred to in the series as “Good Boy,” to superstardom. Thus, the Philippine version has a Filipino twist: Han Ji-pyeong is played by Alden Richards, GMA Network’s biggest star.

“This is my first K-drama adaptation project. It feels great to be given the opportunity to do something that the audience is looking for,” Alden Richards said.

GMA Network acquired the exclusive rights to produce the “Start-Up” remake.

Sebastian Kim, director of CJ ENM’s global content sales, said “GMA has always been a great partner, and it is great to see them remaking one of my favorite series in the Philippines. Starting with ‘Start-Up,’ which has a well established storyline and unique characters, we are willing to actively carry out more adaptations of dramas with GMA in the future for the fans in Philippines.”

Among the best K-dramas of 2020

The main cast of “Start-up” Kdrama
Kang Han-Na, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bae Suzy, and Kim Seon-ho of “Start-up.” (tvN) tvN

Created and produced by Studio Dragon, “Start-Up” delves into one of the world’s most advanced tech sectors and gives a glimpse into the struggles and challenges one goes through in order to build a successful business from the ground up. The series takes place in the fictional Sandbox Company where the journey of these young entrepreneurs, all eager to start their own businesses, begins.

“With its sincere story about growth and passion, ‘Start-Up’ has been loved by many fans not only here in South Korea, but also across the globe. I wish all the best for the successful adaptation of the drama in Philippines,” Ryu Sang-won, the chief producer of “Start-Up,” said.

“Start-Up” became a massive hit not only in Korea — it also took other Asian countries by storm. It was one of the most talked about series in the Philippines in 2020. Hallyudorama.com also named “Start-Up” as one of the best K-dramas of 2020.

Watch out for the exact “Start-Up Philippines” release date.

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