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Drama stills of To the Beautiful You have been released and it shows Sulli (of F(x)) with Sang Chu having a what-it-looks-like a one-on-one battle in the men’s comfort room!

What could have gotten Sulli’s character in this kind of situation?! It seems that Sang Chu is threatening Jae Hee (Sulli) while holding onto his/her collar. Not only that but in this particular scene, Sang Chu’s pants were stripped off by Jae Hee which could have resulted to some conflict.

This particular scene was shot last July 15th from 9PM till 2PM.  It somewhat became a 5-hour shoot, and since this is the first time for Sulli to be in the men’s comfort room and also pulling down someone else’s pants, it really was quite embarrassing even for any woman. A few NGs here and there did happen but in that 5-hour period Sulli never failed to show everybody her charming smile!

The staff even said, “Sulli has been shooting the drama nonstop day and night as if Sulli is unfolding each event in the drama, ” and “Sulli hasn’t been able to sleep well while the shooting goes on and still keeps a smiling face and to show the audience a good performance, Sulli is working really hard.

To the Beautiful You is also gaining attention because the director in charge for the drama, who is also coming back after three years, is Director Jeon Ki Sang, the director with the “Midas Hand” and who also directed the very popular Boys Over Flowers.  Source: jongang Ilbo,, tvdaily

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