The long wait is finally over! Since late last year, there were rumors that there would be a Korean Drama version of the Manga series Hanazakari kimitachi e. As it was going to be produced by one of the big idol companies, SM Entertainment, people have been wondering which idols would be suitable for each of the colorful roles in the drama.

Recently there have been some photos circling the internet on the production of the upcoming drama, and the news for the actors of the main characters are finally out! We have the lead roles played by Minho (Shinee) as Kang Tae-Jun and Sulli (F(x)) as Koo Jae-Hee also known as Izumi Sano and Mizuki Ashiya respectively in the Japanese manga series. In the original series Mizuki poses as a male student in an all boys school hoping to meet and persuade her idol, Sano  to start doing high jumps again.

vogue girl sulli and minho to the beautiful you

The energetic and all around comic character Cha Eun-Gyeol would be played by Lee Hyun Woo (Man from the Equator, God of Study), also known as Shuichi Nakatsu, the rival of Sano when it comes to the heart of Mizuki. But it’s more of a one-sided love than a rival if you ask me. More gender bender scenes are to be expected but maybe on a lighter note as South Korea is still strict when it comes to showing anything on television and especially since the drama is focused more on the younger audiences.

Other supporting actors in the drama also include Hwang Kwang-hee (Z:EA), Kim Jiwon(What’s up, High kick! 3) and Ki Tae-young(Creating Destiny, Royal Family).

The character I am most anticipating to watch is the one played by Lee Hyun Woo. I have seen a few of his works and I am definitely impressed with him especially on his recent drama, The Equator Man.  The Nakatsu character is the most interesting character and probably the hardest role in the drama. I have high expectations from him and I believe he will not fail in delivering.

It is unavoidable that people would be comparing the first drama adaptation of the Japanese in 2007 with Oguri Shun and Horikita Maki (the 2011 version was a complete failure for me) and this Korean version that would be shown soon. Personally, I was a big fan of the first adaptation and I think that nothing could compare to it, but I am really excited for this drama and have an open mind as I know that Koreans may take a different approach on their version.

Image source: asiatoday

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