In time for Valentine’s Day, Netflix will premiere “Ready, Set, Love,” a Thai romantic comedy series starring Kemisara “Belle” Paladesh and Pongtiwat “Blue” Tangwancharoen, on Feb. 15.

“Ready, Set, Love” is set in a world where there are more women than men. In this parallel universe, men are considered “national treasures.” The government sponsors a game show called “Ready, Set, Love,” where women compete for the men’s affection and the promise of a better life.

Day (Kemisara “Belle” Paladesh), an ordinary woman, does not expect to be picked to join the game show. Still, she reluctantly participates and meets Son (Pongtiwat “Blue” Tangwancharoen), one of the five bachelors. Their encounter leads to true love with a twist.

The series’ director, Yanyong, shares that he relied on creative art direction to show how everyday scenarios would look like if there were really such a situation.

“What would cars be like? What attitudes would people have? We thought through all these carefully and visualized them in a way that’s distinctive and appealing, resulting in a vibrant and colorful rom-com, where every element in each scene has a meaning behind it,” he says.

“Ready, Set, Love” on Netflix offers light-hearted romance and comedy. The six-episode series also hides a layer of mystery and conspiracy, while exploring topics like freedom and feminism.

“When you watch Ready, Set, Love, you’ll understand that freedom allows us to do whatever we want. We can love anyone, and we can be any gender,” Yanyong adds.

While such elements add depth to the narrative, he emphasizes that the ultimate goal is to entertain. “I want the audience to enjoy the series,” he said. “Our intention is to make something that’s really fun to watch.”

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with “Ready, Set, Love” on February 15, only on Netflix.

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