The Autumn Colors of Korea: Korean Autumn in Namsan

Wow! Long time no post. So what happened to us? Well, real life happened and all of us got busy with work, studies and VACATION!!!

For the first time, mytor and I went to South Korea together with my family and her special someone for a short vacation. Thanks to a local airline’s promos, our airfare became really cheap. We also opted for a guesthouse instead of a hotel because our purpose for going to S. Korea is to roam around and not sleep.

Living in a country with only two seasons, summer and rainy (more like typhoon) seasons, seeing the leaves change color and feeling the cold air is a whole new level of experience.  Even though it’s already my third time going to Korea during autumn, I cannot get tired of it, ever, and it’s fun for me to see my family enjoying the sight of the differently colored trees. We went there the beginning of November so I think the changing of the leaves’ colors is at its peak. For me, it is best to go to Korea mid-October to mid-November so that you wouldn’t feel too cold (but if you want to see snow, end of December to February is the optimal time.)

Because we love you, our faithful readers, we are sharing the pictures that we took during our trip so that you can feel how Korea is like during the autumn. Enjoy!

Note: These pictures where photoshopped minimally, which means that the colors are as they were really seen. Just added the logo and brightened it a bit but that’s all of it. Aren’t the colors pretty?

Comments are very much welcomed. <3

Taken from the cable car going up the Namsan Tower

One side of Namsan

The view from the other side of Namsan

This one’s taken at Nami Island

I know this is not a picture of leaves or trees but these ducks were just roaming the island #likeaboss. They are so cute walking around like they own the place.

This tree has green, yellow and red leaves all together. I think it is confused.

A closer look at the tree.

At the other side of the island.  There are less people here.

It doesn’t look like it but the ground is really wet due to the rain. Boo! Therefore, no pics sitting on the fallen leaves.

It actually rained when we went to Nami as you can see by the gray skies but you can see how bright the red trees are!

This picture has a funny story. This was the first yellow tree that the people saw inside Gyeongbok Palace so everyone was taking pictures around it… Turns out, once you go inside, there were a lot more trees… So yeah…

This pic just took my breath away…

Sunlight peeking through yellow leaves. <3

There’s a story saying that lovers who walk through this wall in Deoksogung will eventually break up so try it if you can. We went here trying to figure out where DBSK/TVXQ shot their commercial last 2007 I think but they all looked the same so basically, we failed. haha!

This one’s taken at Yeouido Island during my last day. T_T

Ending this post with a cute photo of a squirrel (or chipmunk?) from Nami Island.

Till the next post! (Hopefully soon.)

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