The Kidnapping Day” on Prime Video has secured an impressive viewership in South Korea, and rightfully so. The K-drama, which centers around the relationship between clumsy kidnapper Kim Myeong-jun (Yoon Kye-sang) and child genius Choi Ro-hee (Yoo Na), takes its audience to a wild ride of unbelievable twists while retaining its emotional tug. The cast of “The Kidnapping Day” on Prime Video spoke to Hallyudorama about their characters and the series’ surprising charm.

You worked closely with Yoo Na who plays the genius girl Choi Ro-hee. How was it like to work with a young actress like her and how would you describe your characters’ relationship in this series? 

Yoon Kye-sang: I think age really doesn’t matter for actors. It is important to see what kind of attitude you act in and what kind of mindset you have, and Yoo Na has a great attitude. So of course, as an actor who acted with her, it could only be good. The relationship between Myeong-jun and Ro-hee has a strange start, but there is a touching point where you can feel a bond. I hope it gets delivered well to viewers.

How would you describe your character’s background and can you talk a little about her motive as the mastermind behind the kidnapping in the story? 

Kim Shin-rok: It is difficult to answer because the character’s background is linked to the secrets of the series. As the episodes go on, you’ll get absorbed, saying, “This happened to that character?!!”

You came from a very successful show (The Glory) where people hated your character. In this series “The Kidnapping Day,” would you say that the audience will finally empathize with your character Park Sang-yoon? 

Park Sung-hoon: Sang-yoon is a storyteller. So, I think viewers will be able to fully empathize with Sang-yoon’s doubts and follow his emotions.

What would you say is the biggest charm of this series that will definitely hook K-drama fans? 

Yoon Kye-sang: Once you watch, you’ll say what’s that? There’s no next episode? It is a drama that has the charm of making you wait. And the story development is fast. It fills up 12 episodes and if you watch until the end, you’ll be able to nod to the various circumstances of different characters.

Park Sung-hoon: The odd chemistry between the kidnapper and the kidnapped child, which has never been seen before, is the biggest charm.

Kim Shin-rock: I think the keyword “family” is at the center. Myeong-jun’s struggle to protect his daughter and his similar daughter Ro-hee, is at the forefront, but the relationship between Myeong-jun and Ro-hee who is neither daughter-like nor child-like, is refreshing. A chase full of chasing, doubts that never end, twists that explode like landmines, and intriguing characters hiding various secrets are waiting for you.

‘The Kidnapping Day’ stars Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Shin-rok, and child star Yoo Na

How would you describe the atmosphere on set while working together on this project? 

Yoon Kye-sang: It was the definition of amicable. Good actors who are good at acting gathered to be faithful to their roles and worked with passion and affection for the series.

Park Sung-hoon: It was always cheerful and pleasant. I was very grateful that the main actor, Yoon Kye-sang, led the atmosphere of the set comfortably so I was able to be at ease when filming.

Kim Shin-rock: Like the drama’s promotional phrase “Comic Buddy Thriller,” it was sometimes comical, sometimes it felt like comradeship, and sometimes it was suspenseful. However, since we had a child among us, everyone seemed a little gentle and a little pure.

Any message for K-drama fans in the Philippines? 

Yoon Kye-sang: Please watch it a lot! I’d appreciate it if you think that there’s a drama like this amongst K-dramas. I’ll try my best to see you more often.

Park Sung-hoon: I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Philippine fans who love K-dramas. As someone who is a part of making K-content, I will have more responsibility and present good works to provide more enjoyment.

Kim Shin-rock: Thank you for loving K-dramas. Let’s meet often!

The full 12 episodes of “The Kidnapping Day” are now available on Prime Video.

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