“The Impossible Heir,” the latest revenge K-drama on Disney+, boasts of a young talented cast. Lee Jae-wook, Lee Jun-young, and newbie Hong Su-zu talk about what they love about their characters and what to expect from this exciting series.

The series lays the story of three outcasts who claw their way to the top of Korea’s biggest conglomerate. Lee Jae-wook plays Han Tae-oh, a young man who pursues excellence as a means to escape poverty. His ambition and drive makes him appear like a cold person, which became the focus of Lee Jae-wook’s acting.

Lee Jae-wook as Han Tae-oh @disneypluskr

“Han Tae-oh is skilled at keeping a poker face, and he never reveals his hand. I made sure to change my style of acting to avoid expressing too many emotions, instead revealing his personality through small and subtle details,” the actor describes how he molded his role.

‘The Impossible Heir’ K-drama cast talk chemistry

Han Tae-oh becomes an adviser to Kang In-ha, played by Lee Jun-young, the illegitimate heir of Kang-oh group. Together they devise a plan to get to the top of Korea’s society and take the reins of the company. 

Lee Jun-young as Kang In-ha @disneypluskr

Kang In-ha is described as a multidimensional character that has a lot of developments, especially when he finds a friend in Han Tae-oh. Lee Jun-young talked about how he and Lee Jae-wook were able to work on their chemistry.

“Rather than having particular discussion about how to portray our character dynamics, we made an effort to build a close friendship off-screen. It paid off because it translated into great on-screen chemistry. It was great becoming such good friends with my castmates,” according to Lee Jun-young.

Another one of those castmates is Hong Su-zu. She plays the role of Na Hye-won, a woman who grew up fighting thugs and loan sharks. Hye-won finds herself torn between Han Tae-oh and Kang In-ha but later makes a decision that will change her life. 

Hong Su-zu as Na Hye-won @disneypluskr

Despite being older in age, Hong Su-zu admits to being in awe of her younger (yet more experienced in acting) costars. “I’ve loved both of their works over the years and working on the series gave me an amazing opportunity to watch their performances up close. Both helped me so much throughout the production of the series. I always tried to do my best so I wouldn’t cause them any trouble.”

We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of the chemistry of “The Impossible Heir” K-drama cast. “The Impossible Heir” is now streaming on Disney+. 

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