Jung Il-woo and Sandara Park continue to share their closeness in their latest YouTube collaboration. After creating a lookbook by styling each other and posing for couple photos, Jung Il-woo cooks Sandara’s favorite Filipino dishes.

Jung Il-woo Cooks ‘Kaldereta’ and ‘Sinigang’

Sandara was up for a wonderful surprise when Jung Il-woo declared that he will cook her favorites – beef kaldereta, seafood sinigang, and garlic rice. The actor, who has never been to the Philippines, said he searched for the recipes on YouTube. Sandara looked moved that Il-woo knew her favorite Pinoy dish, sinigang.

Jung Il-woo, who’s known for his cooking skills, commented that beef kaldereta looked like a healthy dish because of the ingredients. For his seafood sinigang, he used fresh tamarind for his soup base and added lemon and lime. Sandara said that though the taste was not the same as the original sinigang, it still tasted good. She said it might have been because they did not use the typical sinigang powder mix. Jung Il-woo jokingly renames his dish ‘sini-jung.’ 

Jung Il-woo and Sandara Park’s Friendship

Jung Il-woo and Sandara Park have been friends for thirteen years. They first met while filming the historical drama “The Return of Iljimae.” Sandara shared how they were isolated in Tsushima island for the filming so they quickly became friends. They bonded over gochujang (Korean chili paste), which Sandara had on hand when they became tired of eating their Japanese bento.

Some fans have been shipping the two because of their close friendship. The two quickly dismiss any romance, saying if there was something going on, it should have happened a long time ago. However, Jung Il-woo and Sandara Park shared how special their friendship is and how they support each other’s projects.

Dara Tour with Jung Il-woo?

Since Jung Il-woo has not been to the Philippines, the two agree to visit together once the pandemic is over. Sandara declared that her favorite vacation spot in the Philippines is Palawan. She also mentioned Cebu and Boracay as the more popular destinations, describing Boracay as a place for friends to party and chill.

Will we get to see Jung Il-woo on a Dara Tour? We sure hope so.

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