Does anyone here know whether Japanese actor-model Hayami Mokomichi is really half-Filipino? DramaWiki says he has a Japanese father and a Filipina mom but I seriously doubt the veracity of this info. I checked out his official site but all I could get from his profile is that his favorite sport is basketball. Hehe, so much for my elementary Nihonggo.

Hayami-san reprises his role as robot lover Tenjo Night in the SP of Zettai Kareshi.

Here’s the second part of my summary:

Nanase discovers the video that Dr. Kamiya was watching a while back.

Upon returning home, Rikko discovers that the chip is gone, including Night. Night was taken to Kronos Heaven where his main chip was successfully repaired. After the chip is installed, Dr. Kamiya is disappointed to discover that his ego has not yet awakened.

Night wakes up and leaves the laboratory to go to Asamoto’s product presentation.

At the presentation, problems arise. There has been a delivery mistake, which has prevented Rikko from creating the new products. Meantime, the food critics are already getting impatient. Night, who overhears the problem, quickly leaves and returns with the dough Rikko made for her cream puffs. He suggests baking them instead for the presentation. They hesitate at first until Soshi agrees.

Just like in the past, Soshi and Night assist Rikko in making her cream puffs. However, upon hearing that only cream puffs will be served, the guests start to leave–all except for one old man.

Later we learn that he’s Iwanaga Shuugoro, a world-renowned food critic. Mr. Iwanaga is impressed by how Rikko’s cream puffs taste exactly like the original Asamoto cream puffs. While everyone is still reeling from Mr. Iwanaga’s comment, Soshi’s dad gets a heart attack.

Night volunteers to take Soshi’s dad to the hospital and injures himself in the process.

At the hospital, Soshi’s dad tells his sons that he is ready to die because he knows that he has raised them well and they are now ready to take over the business. While Night reflects on this, Dr. Kamiya and Nanase find him and repair his injured leg.

Riiko finds them at the rooftop and confronts Dr. Kamiya about stealing Night’s chip. Riiko asks the doctor to stop her experiments. She’s worried that Night might become immobile again, just like what happened three years ago and this time she might not be able to overcome the pain of losing him.

Because of his injury, Night shuts down suddenly and falls from the rooftop. Riiko tries to save him but they both fall. The shock causes Night’s ego to awaken and he is able to save Riiko from a deadly fall.

After seeing this, Dr. Kamiya takes Night away.

Meanwhile, Namikiri’s assistant finds out more about Dr. Kamiya. He learns that Kamiya used to work for a U.S. company known as GIACK, handling top-secret military information. Namikiri thinks it might have something to do with robotic weapons.

Back at Kronos Heaven, Dr. Kamiya copies Night’s settings and installs them on Nanase. She reveals that ten years ago she had a boyfriend named Nanase Jun who died in a car accident. Three months before the accident they wrote their dreams in separate letters and placed them inside a time capsule, which they buried under a tree. Ten years after, they promised to open the time capsule together. Since then, Dr. Kamiya has been blaming herself for Jun’s death. She created Nanase to open the time capsule and to fulfill Jun’s dream in his place.

Meantime, the chief releases Namikiri just in time for the men in black a.k.a., GIACK robots to appear. They came to get Dr. Kamiya and use her experiments for their military programs.

Night and Riiko talk about the past. Riiko tells him that she was hurt because Night kept his condition from her. She tells him how devastated she was during that time. Night promises to protect her this time and asks her to start over. Meanwhile, Soshi, who’s looking for Riiko, sees the two hugging.

Later, Night bumps into Soshi and the two talk about the letter he left Soshi before he died. He tells Soshi that he will definitely make Riiko happy this time. Soshi is devastated by this but accepts defeat.

Namikiri takes Night and Riiko to look for Dr. Kamiya before the GIACK robots get to her first.

The chase is on.

Night and Nanase use their extraordinary strength to stop the enemy’s vehicle.

Namikiri is able to stop the men in black by disabling their functions.

Dr. Kamiya and Nanase finally dig up the time capsule. Kamiya learns that Jun’s simple wish was to start a family with her and to grow old together. Kamiya is devastated that she cannot fulfill this dream.

Nanase, however, tells her that she has already fulfilled this dream since Jun continues to live in her heart (awww). There is no reason for him to exist anymore since a robot like him cannot fulfill Jun’s dream to have a family and grow old. This realization gets to Night.

When Riiko returns home, she finds Soshi waiting for her. He tells her to stay true to her feelings and not worry about him.

After much reflection, Night makes a painful decision. The exchange between him and Namikiri is touching.

Night: Why…am I a robot?
Namikiri: 01, it’s a fact that you’re a robot. But you are more human than any person because you have a warm heart. That’s why you can seriously love someone, right?
Night: Can I make a family? I can’t grow old. Even now, I will continue to love Riiko without ever changing. I am the only one who won’t change. I am a robot but above all else I cannot live a life with Riiko. Namikiri, please erase me from this world.

Riiko hears everything and the two say their goodbyes. For the first time, Night sheds a tear.

Riiko visits Soshi at the new Asamoto shop.

The end.

Myla Torres-Eder

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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