Fate brings polar opposites together and a bunch of charismatic characters in iQiyi’s latest wacky yet poignant romcom “Monthly Magazine Home” starred in by Jung So-min and Kim Ji-suk, who reunite years after their drama special “Came to Me and Became a Star.”

Jung So-min (iQiyi)

“Monthly Magazine Home” introduces the audience to Na Young-won (played by Jung So-min), a magazine editor for 10 years but suddenly finds herself jobless after her employer closed down the publication. Jobless and with her current rented home being included in a redevelopment plan, she’s forced to move out by the real estate developer even though she hasn’t yet found a new place to transfer. She eventually lands a new job as an editor in Monthly Magazine Home with the help of a friend, only to find out that the person who kicked her out of her house is her new employer.

Kim Ji-suk (iQiyi)

Kim Ji-suk dons the role of Yoo Ja-sung, the CEO of the magazine and a real estate billionaire developer who kicked Na Young-won out of her rented home. Being poor since birth and growing up an orphan, Ja-sung, a self-made man in the real estate industry, has never wasted time, money, and emotions to achieve his goals of becoming the billionaire he envisioned himself to be. His employees keep their distance because of his strict rules when it comes to time and expenses. For Ja-Sung, a house is a real estate asset and investment that generates higher returns or income.

Shin Gyeom, played by Jung Gun-joo, is a young and talented photographer who’s also a camping enthusiast and believes in the mantra YOLO (you only live once). He used to live a carefree life being the son of a chaebol until he meets Na Young-won, who became his convenience store buddy trying to save money by buying items that are on a 1+1 shelf. For Shin Gyeom, a home is where he stays at the moment — whether be it in his studio or a camping tent.

Choi Go plays Kim Won-hae, the editor-in-chief of Monthly Magazine Home and a devoted family man. Having lived in their current 30-year old apartment, he has refused to relocate for years, much to the dismay of his wife since he’s still hoping for the building’s reconstruction that would increase the value of the property.

Yeo Ui-joo, played by Chae Jung-An, is also an editor in Monthly Magazine Home and Young-won’s friend who recommended her to the editor-in-chief. She is living a luxurious life with a monthly rent of one million within a vibrant, prime location. While almost everyone in the magazine strives to own a home, UI-joo chooses to rent and firmly believes that real estate values are bound to fall and that investing in the future is not a guarantee for happiness.

Nam Sang-soon, portrayed by Ahn Chang-hwan, is one of the editors at Monthly Magazine Home who still lives with his parents and is living on subscription to save money to be able to buy a house so he can marry his longtime girlfriend.

“Monthly Magazine Home” streams every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00pm on iQiyi & iQ.com.

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