We will be adding more photos in a while so please do visit us again. The photos and videos are of poor quality because digital cameras and video cameras were strictly prohibited during the event.

Despite feeling a bit under the weather, I just need to get all these left over spazzes out of my system.

As Hanneebuff said, we did get to see Kim Bum in the flesh and I’m going to tell you how we got Lady Luck on our side.

Like most of you, we only got to know about Bummie’s arrival last Wednesday when Hanneebuff got a phone call from a friend. You can only imagine how stressed out we were what with the typhoon and office work and trying to find a way to get to see him. A good friend offered to get us in on Bummie’s scheduled visit to ABS-CBN and so we were ecstatic. Anyway, that night we tried to snoop around and do some stalking but to no avail, hehe.

Around noon last Friday, Hanneebuff saw this just a few minutes after it was posted. We immediately sent our contact details and crossed our fingers. And we did get the slots. Problem was the organizers said the event might be postponed because of the bad weather. Still we hoped it would push through.

Our prayers were answered when Saturday morning, the typhoon changed its course and did not directly hit Metro Manila. We were happy for the typhoon victims and that also meant we would get some Kim Bum action. Yay!

Boys Over Flowers Music Drama

After buying some goods that we would bring with us to donate to the typhoon victims under Kim Bum’s name, we proceeded to the ABS-CBN compound. I’ve been there before but it was several years back and so much has changed so we got lost looking for the audience entrance. Hanneebuff saw some of her friends from BOFPH who were lined up to see Kim Bum on E-Live.

When we got to the audience entrance, there were already a few people lined up outside and we learned that they were those who weren’t lucky as us to get tickets to the event but wanted to try their luck anyway.

Fans lined upOur pass

After dropping our donation we lined up to get our names checked. It was a good 30 minutes before we got our tickets. We then lined up for another hour or so, waiting to be seated. I was hungry and lacked sleep but we were in high spirits, plus fangirls would scream once in a while to get me all hyped up.

And then Kim Bum walked by dressed in what looked like gym clothes. He had on a blue pair of jogging pants and a black jacket, I think. He was a few meters away but we saw his usual bedimpled smile. The fans went wild.

Dolphy Theater

After what seemed like forever, we walked to the Dolphy Theater where they gave each of us a poster of “Dream.” 🙂 We were seated at the upper level of the theater since the ABS-CBN employees and their guests got the prime seats at the lower level, which I thought was a load of bull since we were supposed to be the “winners” of the online thingy. Anway, as they say, beggars can’t be choosers so we had to content ourselves with at least having a good view of the stage, or so we thought.

Lee Min Ho in Smag
Dream Poster

Later on we were asked whether we wanted to see Kim Bum while he passes by to go to the theater. Problem was once we leave, there won’t be any assurance that we would get our seats back. Hanneebuff decided to stay to reserve our seats and I went with the others to see Bummie up close.

More waiting ensued and at this point I was just so exhausted and losing my patience with the organizers. They were just too strict. We were warned not to step on the red carpet or else we’ll be booted out. They also told us not to use our digital cameras because they said Bummie wasn’t feeling too well. That excuse sounded too diva-ish for me so I don’t think there’s any truth to that. At the last minute they allowed us to use our cameras provided we don’t use them inside the theater.

And then he arrived….

We ran (yes, literally we ran) back to the theater since the interview was about to begin. Lights were already set up at the stage, blocking our view. From our seats, we could only see Ruffa Gutierrez who was practicing her spiels.

‘Boys Over Flowers Special’ (?)

And this was when we really got lucky. Hanneebuff decided that we should just leave our seats and just stand by the side of the stage. When she got there, there were two empty seats at the front row waiting for us. Yay!


Kim Bum arrived with the interpreter and so the interview began.

Ruffa G kept on calling him Kim Buhm. Bummer.

Bummie was asked about his latest drama “Dream,” his album in Japan, his popularity, and of course about his relationship with Kim So Eun (Soeulmates unite!). Honestly the interview was a blur to me since I was just astounded at how good looking yet utterly shy he was. Plus they only had lapels on so we could barely hear them. From the front row, I could hear Bummie speaking in Korean, though.

There was a cute portion when Ruffa asked him to say “Hi Ruffa and Ai” and he thought “Ai” meant “I” so he was confused and pointed to himself. Cuteness overload.

Once in a while he would wave and smile shyly to the audience. Hanneebuff waved and he waved back. Squeee!!!

Bummie InterviewBummie Smile

The interview lasted only about 30 minutes and Kim Bum walked to the front of the stage to wave to his fans. I noticed how really small his face was and that he had his Yi Jung hair back.

And that was our pretty cool Kim Bum experience. Though exhausted, we squeed our way back.

Bum Wave

Note: Please credit Hallyudorama.com when taking out our videos and photos. Thank you.

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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  1. hey!! ur really lucky! i envy u a lot, i swear!!!
    woohh… really wish i was there ang got the chance to see him… mmm…. please post some more vids.. hehe

  2. oh, thanks for sharing this; anyway, you girls must have a blast. I was just browsing around and saw your blog. Wait till you see the rest of the BOF main lead. It was nice that fans donated for the typhoon victims as well. You could tell, Kim Bum is exhausted. He just finish the last shooting for the Drama Dream. It was a nice drama and you’ll enjoy it too. Seen it here in the US already. Just sharing info, that most of Korean Celebrities during these kinds of events even in the states are really strict when it comes to bringing digital cameras and such. Just imagine, some fans (but not all) almost put the camera lenses on their faces and the flashes can really be annoying. So that’s one reason as well. That’s why some of the Korean Stars and their Managers prohibits it. And it’s even hard to get close if you’re in South Korea. Security is even tighter. It’s also for the safety of the actors/actresses. Since some fans tend to grab on to their shirts/clothes. Trust me! It’s even easier to spot Korean Celebrities here whenever goin’ to down town LA in Korea town and in NYC. Some of them are not approachable at all. I won’t mention names, since I don’t want to offend anyone. It’s nice that you post your blog in English for other non Filipino readers can read and understand your memorable experience.

    I saw some other videos in You Tube. The interpreter kind a messed up during the interview at Entertainment Live? Maybe due to a lot of shouting made her confuse; But the thing is she said something that Kim Bum didn’t even say. So it was a good thing someone else made a more proper translation in you tube.

    oh, by the way, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask your email since I notice something about what you typed. Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos and videos as well.

    1. hello there!

      thanks a lot for leaving a long comment on our blog post. we really did enjoy ourselves during that time. i agree about what you said about the managers being strict and protective because I’ve seen really stalker-ish fan cams and i think it was violative of their personal space. But Filipino fans are relatively calm in my opinion because we cannot dare touch (or grope) actors like that, more so the foreign ones. It’s embarrassing and we don’t want them to be traumatized on their visits. We just became hyper because even though our country is a prime destination for Koreans, actors don’t visit us. 🙁 I could count in my fingers the number of actors who came here.

      Thanks also for recommending to look for a proper translation of his interviews. I read in another blog that the translator was not doing a good job. Hope you’ll come back here.

  3. SAranGae kim SanG bUm…

    yOu’re sO cUte taLaGa…

    saNa magcOncert kau aLL caSt nG BOF here

    in the PhiLippines and

    i wiLL never miss the chance to see yOu there..


  4. wow!
    i love ur blog!
    thnk you for sharing it to us-fans of kim bum!

    anyway, ur so lucky!
    oh i envy u both! sobra!
    grabe ang pingdaanan niyo, pero sulit naman!

    well, keep ur blogs updated to korean craze!

    ps. pwede ifeature niyo si jung yunho, new show “no limit”

    love this blog!

    1. hey there!
      are you talking about the drama Heading to the Ground of Yunho? Sure, we’ll try to give you updates about the drama. I’ve only watched episode one since I’m busy with school and such but I’ll try my best. thanks for reading our blog. glad you liked it. 😀

  5. hi everyone!,especially to all the cast of BOF,you`ve totally done a great job and awesome performance!even your show was already end here in the PH.,i still cat help myself get rid of you!!!
    well,to all of you a millions of CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    ….,hoping that there still another show that the cast of BOF will still be together!!!

  6. I’m not just saying this, I mean it!! Kim Sang Bum is the cutest guy on Earth!! Even rob pattinson, zac efron can’t compare with him..
    He is the BEST!! I love him!! :)))

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